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Memorial Day is May 27th: Plan Your Memorial Day BBQ


Memorial Day is right around the corner, on May 27th–and you know what that means: some much needed sunshine, relaxing, and plenty of BBQ for Memorial Day Weekend! While Memorial Day is a day for remembering and appreciating soldiers who have fought and died for our country in war, there’s no reason that remembrance can’t be served up with a smile. Use the next two weeks to ensure that your Memorial BBQ goes above and beyond, to kick off the summer in style!

Here’s our checklist to help you plan your Memorial Day BBQ:

  • Choose your venue! Will this be a backyard BBQ, a BBQ in the park or a beachside grilling session? If you’re holding your BBQ in a public space, be sure to reserve a grill ahead of time.
  • Plan the guest list and maximize your available space. Watch for overcrowding–especially in a backyard!
  • Send out the invites to get the ball rolling. While Cardstore has a variety of specifically Memorial Day invites, be sure to check out our other BBQ or summer-themed invites as well!
  • Buy the basic supplies: get cheap, bright, and patriotic paper plates, napkins, and cutlery.
  • Plan your decor: will your BBQ be specifically patriotic, or will you go with a summer-theme? For a patriotic event, buy mini flags, star-spangled garlands, and plenty of other red, white, and blue goodies. For a summer-focused event, go for a tropical vibe with tiki torches, mini umbrellas, and other island-centered decor! Balloons and streamers are great for any event.
  • Plan your main course. Make sure to have a couple of meat options–hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, chicken are all great options!  Make sure to have vegetarian course as well. If you do choose to grill some veggies, make sure you grill them first, out of courtesy to the vegetarians.
  • Have some fun with side dishes. While some chips or crackers and cheese will do just fine, side dishes are your time to shine. Showcase your killer potato salad or coleslaw, and help guests to remember your BBQ fare for years!
  • Set up a condiment station with ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, pickles, and whatever else you think your guests might enjoy.
  • Add a couple of ready made fruit platters and vegetable platters on the side.
  • Stock the cooler! Fill your cooler with beer, soda and juice galore–but don’t forget the water bottles! If the weather cooperates, you’ll be needing those more than anything. Make some fresh lemonade to add a fun summer touch.
  • Don’t forget the dessert! Simple brownies and chocolate chip cookies are sure to make everyone happy–but what dessert doesn’t make for happy party goers?
  • Plan your server station: find a couple of tables, tablecloths, serving dishes, and serving spoons. Arrange your station so that guests can move in and out in an orderly fashion; buffet style does the trick.
  • On the day of, slather up in some sunscreen, set up the stereo outdoors, and enjoy!


What would you add to our Memorial Day checklist? Are you attending or hosting a Memorial Day BBQ this year?

Cards Pictured: Script and Stars Memorial Day Invite, Festive Bunting Memorial Day Invite, and Memorial Day Invite Blue.

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