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Sending Love to Mommy–Kid-Friendly Mother’s Day Cards


Mother’s Day is right around the corner–and kids want to ensure that their mom has the best day! This includes finding a Mother’s Day card that will make Mom smile from ear-to-ear. Finding the perfect card is as much about the sender as the recipient, which means that Mother’s Day cards from kids need to be not just Mom-friendly, but kid-friendly as wel.! Cardstore has created Mother’s Day cards with young kids specifically in mind to make sure that Mom will receive a card that reminds her of how adorable they were for years to come. Our Mother’s Day cards from kids feature plenty of photos–to capture some adorable memories of Mom spending time with her kids–and kid-centric imagery, including school buses and handwriting that looks like that of a young child. Just personalize them with your custom photo and a message directly from her kids.

CS_SC_BLG_04082013_SHELFFeatured Cards: Photostrips for Mommy Mother’s Day Card, Thank You Mommy! Mother’s Day Card,  Sibling Chatter Mother’s Day Card, and Mom’s Taxi Mother’s Day Card

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