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Count Your Blessings – Religious Mother’s Day Cards


Every family has their own special Mother’s Day traditions, whether it’s breakfast in bed, a spa day for the lady of the house, or taking over laundry duties for the day, but it seems that many involve a morning at church. Mother’s Day is the day of the year with the highest church attendance behind Easter and Christmas, suggesting many moms love a quiet morning at church with their family members. Cardstore has been inspired by this statistic to create plenty of new religious Mother’s Day cards for this year’s celebration that fit in perfectly for mom’s desire for a sweet and sincere day.


Featured Cards: A Blessing of a Grandmother, Godmother Floral With Butterflies

Decorated in shades of pastel and featuring flowers or watercolor designs next to beautiful messages saying what a blessing she is in your life, religious Mother’s Day cards show just how much you’re thinking of her this Mother’s Day. Whether the card is personalized with a photo or a sweet note inside, any mom, grandmother, or godmother will notice what a thoughtful gesture it is. If your mom has expressed her desire to go to church this Mother’s Day, why not combine it with a religious Mother’s Day card to make the day even more special?


Featured Cards: A Mother’s Joy Faith and Love, God Gave Me Mom, A Wife is a Blessing

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