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Teachers Appreciation Week is May 6th – 10th!


Did you know that Teacher Appreciation Week is May 6th – May 10th and Teacher Appreciation Day is May 7th? It’s the perfect chance to thank those special educators in your life, or in the life of your children, for all that they do. During this week, and especially on May 7th, we can take this opportunity to thank the educators for the important role teachers play in making sure every student receives a quality education.

One person here at Cardstore who takes special pride in thanking her sons’ educators is our Senior Product Manager, Elizabeth. She is the person around here responsible for managing our awesome card selection to ensure we have the best holiday and everyday cards to meet the needs of every Cardstore user. She also makes the most creative teacher thank you gifts, so we asked her to share with us her inspiration (and favorite Cardstore card for the holiday!).

Cardstore: Why do you take time to create a special card and gift? 

Elizabeth: As a fulltime working mom, I am entrusting that my 4 year old twin boys are in the best care, not only learning about letters, shapes, and numbers, but also that they feel safe and appreciated.  This is a huge responsibility for their teachers and I respect and appreciate all the hard work and attention they give to not only my boys, but all the class mates.  By giving them a personalized card and gift, I feel like I am showing them how much I appreciate them. 

Cardstore: How do you pick the perfect card?  CS_SC_BLG_04232013_SHELF_half

Elizabeth: I have little guys, so I try to find a card that looks more juvenile, but also touches on the fact that these teachers are not only teaching them, but taking care of them.  For example, the card I selected had this copy: “You get an A+, Teacher, for the helpful things you do, For your kindness and your patience, and just for being you! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day”  It speaks to so much more than just “teaching”. 

Cardstore: What message do you write in the card? 

Elizabeth: Well, the boys are now able to write their full names, so I ship the cards home so that my boys can personally write their own names in the card.  I also make sure to include a recent photo of the boys as well.

We’re certain that those lucky teachers will feel very appreciated after they receive their thoughtful gifts from Elizabeth! If you’re like us, you’re probably feeling motivated to create an awesome gift to give to the educators in your life. And if you’re looking for more Teacher Appreciation cards, check out what’s available at Cardstore

CS_SC_BLG_04232013_SHELFFeatured cards: Teacher Appreciation, Amazing Teacher, Learn With Joy, Helping Me Grow

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