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Spring has Sprung–Spring Clean Your Card Collection!


Getting a new card in the mail is always exciting. You treasure the message, the photo, the cute design; you want to hold onto it forever. But, with all the cards we get each year–birthday after birthday, Christmas card family photos, and all the cards that come in between holidays–all those adorable cards can start to pile up. When you add up years of cards, all your sentimental card memories start to overflow! You want to keep all your cards, but you start to run out of space! Here are some ideas for keeping your collection of cards in check. Now that it’s spring, a little cleaning and organizing is in order!


  • Separate your cards into holidays. Select a few of your favorite card designs for each holiday–try not to let it exceed more than ten!–to use as a display each year. Try to be strict with yourself–don’t save more cards than you can display each season.
  • Check inside the card! Save any particularly sentimental cards or major messages. Don’t throw away a card with a message you wouldn’t want to forget.
  • Save the Milestones: Birth announcements, family wedding invites, and other big event cards are cards worth saving, to look back on later.
  • Consider Photo Cards: Photo cards of families–particularly those that come during the holidays–are always fun for reminiscing. Keep track of how friends and family have changed over the years by separating your holiday cards by family. Paperclip them together, from most recent to oldest, and take a look back on them every time the holidays roll around. It’s also a great way to keep track of your own holiday must-send list.
  • Repurpose the excess cards: Use any cards not in the must-have pile for holiday crafts or decor. They’re the perfect starter to create your own paper holiday wreath or other fun display!

What are some of your craft ideas for excess cards? How do you keep all of your cards organized?

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