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Send an April Fool’s Surprise–Don’t Miss Out on Our April Fool’s Promo!


April Fool’s Day is right around the corner, and today, Cardstore is offering you a special deal so that you can send a spring laugh! For 99 cents only, you can send one of our hilarious prank April Fool’s Day cards and fool one of your friends! Visit Facebook to make the most of this special offer. Check out a few of our funniest April Fool’s Day cards below!

The first displays a false traffic citation that you can customize with their city and name details. Perfect for the friend with a need for speed, this card is sure to catch them by surprise! The second is great if you and your partner want to share in some mischievous fun together. Whether you’re just dating or newly married, this April Fool’s Day card let’s them know you’re expecting a little one–a joke sure to fool both the parents who won’t stop asking about kids and the friends who are hoping you wait a couple of years! The third, perfect for the diehard romantic, masquerades as a love note from a girl who found your friend “really cute.” Just add their name, and voila! You have the perfect April Fool’s joke made.

CS_SC_BLG_fools_SHELFCards Pictured: Red Light Joke April Fool’s Card, Baby Girl Joke April Fool’s Card, Really Cute Fool April Fool’s Card.

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