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Spring has Sprung–Spring Clean Your Card Collection!

Getting a new card in the mail is always exciting. You treasure the message, the photo, the cute design; you want to hold onto it forever. But, with all the cards we get each year–birthday after birthday, Christmas card family photos, and all the cards that come in between holidays–all those adorable cards can start to pile up. When you add up years of cards, all your sentimental card memories start to overflow! You want to keep all your cards, but you start to run out of space! Here are some ideas for keeping your collection of cards in check. Now that it’s spring, a little cleaning and organizing is in order!


  • Separate your cards into holidays. Select a few of your favorite card designs for each holiday–try not to let it exceed more than ten!–to use as a display each year. Try to be strict with yourself–don’t save more cards than you can display each season.
  • Check inside the card! Save any particularly sentimental cards or major messages. Don’t throw away a card with a message you wouldn’t want to forget.
  • Save the Milestones: Birth announcements, family wedding invites, and other big event cards are cards worth saving, to look back on later.
  • Consider Photo Cards: Photo cards of families–particularly those that come during the holidays–are always fun for reminiscing. Keep track of how friends and family have changed over the years by separating your holiday cards by family. Paperclip them together, from most recent to oldest, and take a look back on them every time the holidays roll around. It’s also a great way to keep track of your own holiday must-send list.
  • Repurpose the excess cards: Use any cards not in the must-have pile for holiday crafts or decor. They’re the perfect starter to create your own paper holiday wreath or other fun display!

What are some of your craft ideas for excess cards? How do you keep all of your cards organized?

Featured Spring Cards: Pink Happy Spring Card, Spring Greetings Card, Happy Spring Chicks Card.


Sending Easter Cheer

The first day of spring was officially on March 20th, which means there should be flowers, plenty of sun, and a touch of warmth in the air again, right? Even if the first days of spring aren’t looking so sunny in your area (snow and rain anyone?), there are plenty of ways to add some cheer to your day. One of our favorite ideas is to start with sweet and bright Easter greetings. Done in pastel colors and with plenty of personalization options, Easter cards from Cardstore instantly add joy to anyone’s day. Pick out pictures of the family to add to the card that show just how excited you all are to welcome the holiday and the spring season.


Featured Cards: Colorful Easter, Purple It’s Easter, Easter Photo Joy

As Easter gets closer and you start to think about what Easter card to send to family and friends, be sure to browse all the Easter cards featuring an especially cute greeting. Whether a bunny or little chick is added to the card, plenty of Cardstore’s Easter cards feature a fun play on words with some classic Easter greetings. We’re collected some of our favorites below to make your browsing even easier. Paired with some of the irresistibly cute DIY projects we’ve pinned over on our Easter board on Pinterest, you’ll be everyone’s favorite Easter bunny this year.


Featured Cards: Somebunny Loves You Photo, Bunny Hugs, One Cool Chick

How do you plan on spreading the Easter cheer this spring?


Send an April Fool’s Surprise–Don’t Miss Out on Our April Fool’s Promo!

April Fool’s Day is right around the corner, and today, Cardstore is offering you a special deal so that you can send a spring laugh! For 99 cents only, you can send one of our hilarious prank April Fool’s Day cards and fool one of your friends! Visit Facebook to make the most of this special offer. Check out a few of our funniest April Fool’s Day cards below!

The first displays a false traffic citation that you can customize with their city and name details. Perfect for the friend with a need for speed, this card is sure to catch them by surprise! The second is great if you and your partner want to share in some mischievous fun together. Whether you’re just dating or newly married, this April Fool’s Day card let’s them know you’re expecting a little one–a joke sure to fool both the parents who won’t stop asking about kids and the friends who are hoping you wait a couple of years! The third, perfect for the diehard romantic, masquerades as a love note from a girl who found your friend “really cute.” Just add their name, and voila! You have the perfect April Fool’s joke made.

CS_SC_BLG_fools_SHELFCards Pictured: Red Light Joke April Fool’s Card, Baby Girl Joke April Fool’s Card, Really Cute Fool April Fool’s Card.

Trend Alert: Watercolors in Cards

Our Cardstore artists are always on the lookout for the best up-and-coming ideas and latest trends in the card world. We take pride in creating cards our customers love that are on-trend and with the most stylish designs. You’ll see that this spring they have really enjoyed using the latest trend in designs- cards featuring watercolor details. It is a vibrant and seasonally-relevant trend they just couldn’t resist! Check out our Easter greetings, Mother’s Day cards and more, cards featured this watercolor design. (Bonus, not only are they beautiful- they’re also perfect to personalize!)


Featured Cards: Hallelujah Easter, World in Bloom, Religious Purple Flower Easter

If you’re shopping for Easter cards now, be sure to look at Cardstore’s many Easter greeting cards featuring floral details and colors done in beautiful pastel shades. Whether adding a family name to the card, a favorite photo, or a personalized message inside, Easter cards with a touch of watercolor are perfect to send to family and friends.


Featured Cards: Mom Love, Mom Watercolor and Photo, Mother and Grandmother Flowers

In case you’re already looking ahead to Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 12th!), why not browse some of the lovely Mother’s Day cards featuring a watercolor style? Moms will absolutely adore the gorgeous colors and details that make for such a sweet and subtle greeting. Add a photo of the two of you together and a personalized note to let your mom know why she deserves the best Mother’s Day yet.

Are there any trends you’re particularly excited about this spring?

Before and After: Birthday Party Etiquette

It seems like in today’s digital age it’s easy to get lost in the never-ending ability to just send an email as an invitation to an event, or write on someone’s facebook wall to thank them for something sweet they’ve done. But when it comes to planning a birthday party, there’s something sincere and truly touching when an actual invitation or thank you card is sent and received. If you’re planning a birthday party anytime soon, Cardstore has some tips for you to help make the invitation before the event feel special, and to make your thank you note for after the event the perfect reminder of why you’re so appreciative of what they’ve done.


Featured Cards: Purple Bunting Flag Birthday, Big Five O, Birthday Daily Journal Invite 

When inviting family and friends to a birthday celebration, whether it’s for you, on behalf of a significant other, or for a little one, it’s best to send your invitation out a month in advance for a more formal party, and 2 to 3 weeks in advance if it’s an informal gathering. Include where and when the party is with clear details about the venue, whether an RSVP is needed, and information about whether dinner, drinks, snacks, etc. will be served so they can plan accordingly. Browsing Cardstore’s many birthday party invitations can help you pick a theme that you can easily decorate around as well.


Featured Cards: Confetti Thanks, Ballerina Thanks, Polka Dot Balloon Thanks

After the party, birthday thank you cards provide the perfect chance to follow up on what a great time you had celebrating with your guests. Ideally, you or the little birthday boy or girl will write the thank you card within 2 to 3 days of the party so that excitement over the gift is still at its peak. You can even pick a thank you card with room for a photo so that a photo of you enjoying their gift can be added for a personalized touch. Be sure to mention how much you appreciate that they were able to celebrate your day with you, and that you’re looking forward to using their gift throughout the year. Sent 2 to 3 days after a party, birthday thank you cards are the final step needed in making sure all rules for birthday party etiquette are perfectly followed.

Celebrating the Bride – Bridal Shower Invitations

The wedding is only a few weeks away, which means it’s time to celebrate the star of the show – the bride! Bringing friends and family together for a bridal shower is the perfect chance to shower her with your best wishes, excitement, and love before all the business of her big day. If you’re looking to plan a bridal shower for your best friend and the bride-to-be, Cardstore has plenty of stylish bridal shower invitations that will fit the style of any bride and the theme of your bridal shower. Why not celebrate the fact that she’s going to be a bride very soon with invitations that feature the adorable phrase, “Bride-To-Be” in a variety of styles and colors. With bouquets and veils added to the card, it leaves guests feeling even more excited to celebrate that fact that she’ll be walking down the aisle so soon.


Featured Cards: Black Skirt Bride, Orange White Bride, Bridal Veil, Bride To Be Banner

To prepare the bride-to-be for her walk down the aisle, you can choose a bridal shower invitation that features the classic phrase “Here Comes the Bride”. Sent to your guests, an invitation with this phrase that’s decorated with sweetly feminine details like a gorgeous pair of heels will leave them all ready to shower the bride with their total enthusiasm.


Featured Cards: Bride ShoesPink Sparkles BrideHere Comes the Bride Heels

While it’s a blast to celebrate the bride surrounded by all her girl friends, sometimes it’s even better to get the groom involved! If you’re looking to host a couples shower, be sure to send an invitation that specifies it’s a shower for the two of them. With phrases like “It Takes Two” featured or two love birds decorating the card, it’s the perfect way to show the unity that’s sure to come out of their upcoming union.


Featured Cards: Nesting Time, Perfect Pair, Formal Bridal Cake, Red Blue Love

How do you celebrate the bride-to-be in the days leading up to her wedding day?

Celebrate your BFF–like only YOU can!

Everyone has a special bond with their best girlfriend–fueled by girls’ night out, weekend brunches, and phone calls and texts in between meetings. Your BFF is the one you turn to for support, celebration, fun, and even as a shoulder to cry on! When it’s time for a birthday, you better be ready to celebrate it like only YOU can–with a few laughs, a little wine, and a heartfelt birthday card made just for her.


Cardstore has a variety of BFF birthday cards perfect for old and new friends. Let her know that you’ve known her since she had her “natural hair color,” or simply write her to tell her that she really is your person. Get your friendship down in writing–to let her know how much you treasure your special connection!

CS_SC_BLG_BFF_SHELFTo commemorate a special moment, even capture a picture of you two together! Whatever you do, write a birthday message that has just the right amount of inside jokes and heartfelt memories to celebrate your friendship in style.

Cards pictured: My Person that I Love, Natural Birthday Wish, Bright Best Friend Frame, Birthday Donut Calories, and Vintage Birthday Cheers.

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

Have you found the perfect green outfit to wear for St. Patrick’s Day yet? What about a shamrock-themed recipe to bring to that St. Patrick’s Day party you were invited to? If not, Cardstore has you covered. With a little over two weeks left until St. Patrick’s Day (it’s on Sunday, March 17th), it’s time to get all your party-planning in order! If you’re hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party, Cardstore has plenty of invitations that will fit the style of your celebration. Whether it’s going to be a traditional party full of Irish cheer or a party that will leave everyone ready to “ShamROCK“, you’ll easily find an invitation to personalize for your event. Add the details of when and where the party will be, along with RSVP information and a reminder to wear green, to help your guests prepare to get their Irish on.

If you’re looking for St. Patrick’s Day party ideas, why not check out Cardstore’s St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest board? Featuring recipe ideas, crafts to decorate your home with, goody bags, and plenty of activities that will keep the kids busy during the party, it’s the best place to stop for any and all St. Patrick’s Day inspiration. How do you plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year?

CS_SC_BLG_invites_SHELFFeatured Invitations: Let’s Shamrock, Irish Beer,  St. Patty’s Party, Irish Cheer Invitation