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A Loving Thanks–Valentines Day Thank Yous


A lot of emphasis gets placed on couples–husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends–during the Valentines Day season, and while celebrating your sweetheart is great, we think that Valentines is more broadly about all of those whom you love, and who love you back. There’s a lot to be thankful for on the day of love–and a lot of love to share with a loving thank you! Remember the days of handing out school Valentines to classmates and teachers? There’s something sweet in that tradition: it celebrates all kinds of love–including the love you have for friends, colleagues, mentors, and your elders. Why not replicate that same sense of love sharing in your adult life? Bring sweets to your coworkers at work. Celebrate the checker at your supermarket or the teller at your bank with a sweet valentine or a heartfelt smile and a “Happy Valentines Day!” greeting. Call your faraway friends to wish them a happy heart day, and go for coffee with your best girlfriend. Give yourself a Valentines Day treat that will have you feeling great all month long: use today to get in touch with your heart, and all the people who make it happy.

Happy Valentines Day from us at Cardstore–we hope you have a happy heart today!



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