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St. Patrick Himself–Religious St. Patrick’s Day Cards

Everyone knows the icons of St. Patrick’s Day–the happy green shamrocks, the Irish stout, and the leprechaun with his pot of gold. But–as a lot of you know–St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just an occasion to say “Kiss Me, I’m Irish.” It’s a feast day meant to celebrate the life of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. St. Patrick was said to carry the three-leafed shamrock as a representation of the Holy Trinity, spreading the Christianity throughout Ireland. The day is celebrated today officially in Catholic Church, the Anglican Communion, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Lutheran Church.

Though St. Patrick’s Day began to be celebrated as early as the 9th and 10th centuries, it officially became a holy day for the Catholic Church in Ireland in the 1600s. Ireland pronounced it an official public holiday in 1903. Today the Irish celebrations include a three-day festival of many parades and performances. Though St. Patrick’s Day is not an official holiday anywhere else, it is also celebrated throughout Europe, North American, and even in Argentina and Japan!

This year, why not celebrate the long history of St. Patrick with a religious St. Patrick’s Day card that honors the spirit behind the celebrations? Send a St. Patrick’s Day blessing that’s sure to do justice to the patron saint of Ireland.

Religious St. Patrick’s Day Cards pictured: St. Patrick’s Message, St. Patrick’s Day Tea, Green Cross, and God’s Blessings.

Sending Personalized Kids Birthday Thank You Cards

Once the cake has all been eaten, the streamers have been taken down, and the wrapping paper has been recycled, it’s time for a bit of well-deserved rest and relaxation after hosting a kid’s birthday party. The only problem is, those final thank you notes from the birthday boy or girl that need to be sent out always seem to be standing in the way! It can be so difficult to get a little one to sit down and write a sincere note (or just scribble in a sweet design), and for those who are just turning 1 or 2 (like so many of the Cardstore babies!), it’s simply impossible.

This year, why not make the process so much easier with kids birthday thank you cards from Cardstore? With so many cute designs to choose from that can be instantly personalized with a photo and note, there’s no better way to show friends and family how happy you and your little one are that they came and celebrated with you.

For the birthday girl, pick a card featuring some of her favorite things, whether that’s a crown fit for a princess, adorable owl, or sweet pink details. Let her add a message inside to tell family and friends how happy she is to have celebrated her big day with loved ones. CS_SC_BLG_kids_thanks_SHELF


Did your party have a pirate, or Wild West theme? For the birthday boy, there’s a card that fits in perfectly with your party decor. Be sure to take a picture of your birthday boy with his new gift and add it to the card for a cute and personalized touch that shows just how much he has been enjoying all the loot from his birthday.

CS_SC_BLG_kids_thanks_SHELF_2Whether it’s a kids thank you card from a birthday boy or girl, it’s sure to bring joy to everyone’s day with it’s completely personalized details. Be sure to look at all of Cardstore’s kids birthday thank you cards to find one that fits all your needs perfectly. Do you have your little ones help send their thank you cards?

Featured Cards: Princess Photo Thanks, Thank You Zig Zag, Owl Thanks, Pirate Photo Thanks, Yay Thanks

Baby’s First Birthday–Celebrating the Cardstore Babies!

Do you remember the baby extravaganza we had around the office at Cardstore last spring? Those same babies have gone through their first Halloweens and holiday seasons, and some of them are even arriving at–you guessed it–their first birthdays! That means their first birthday cake–and all the messiness that entails–their first birthday presents (even though they’ll probably like ripping off the wrapping paper as much as they like the actual gift), and their first birthday party (filled with as many loving adults as babies). For the group of Cardstore new moms, that means that plenty of excitement is on the way! It’s a milestone for our moms as much as it is for their little boys and girls. Luckily, our artists are keeping up with the excitement of first year birthdays with cards made just for baby’s first birthday.

For a little girl, a sweet Boofle first birthday card or a bright pink smiling cupcake birthday card celebrate with style:


For a baby boy, a soft blue Boofle first birthday card, or artistic birthday turtle first birthday card brighten up the day:

Be sure to check out our other designs–including photo birthday cards that capture an adorable shot of the one year old–to celebrate a first birthday like the milestone and happy day it is!


Photo Birthday Cards pictured: Gold and Pearls Birthday Card, Number 1 Birthday Card, and Birthday Balloon Overlay.


It’s Never Too Late to Say “I’m Sorry”

It’s officially the day after Valentine’s Day, which means your significant other is just beaming with all the love you showered them with yesterday, right? If you’re anything like most of us, Valentine’s Day, or any other big moment you’ve been looking forward to, doesn’t necessarily always go exactly as planned. After one of these mishaps, sometime it’s best to take off the boxing gloves and just apologize. If you feel the need to send someone special a sincere apology, why not check out sorry cards made just for you? Sending a sorry card in the mail personalized with your message and apology really demonstrates how much their friendship and love means to you. Whether you and a friend had a falling out or you’re deciding to compromise with your spouse, Cardstore has heartfelt sorry cards that show how eager you are to move forward.


Featured cards: Vintage Flowers,  Forgive Me Flowers, Eskimo Bulldogs

 If you’re looking to apologize by putting a smile on their face, look no further than Cardstore’s funny sorry cards. With messages that will make them instantly laugh and forgive, these sorry cards are a great way to help you make up and move on. How do you say you’re sorry after a tiff? Do you send a personalized card and include a sweet gift?

CS_SC_BLG_sorry_SHELF_funnyFeatured Cards: Evil Twin Sorry, Hey Baby, Really Sorry


A Loving Thanks–Valentines Day Thank Yous

A lot of emphasis gets placed on couples–husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends–during the Valentines Day season, and while celebrating your sweetheart is great, we think that Valentines is more broadly about all of those whom you love, and who love you back. There’s a lot to be thankful for on the day of love–and a lot of love to share with a loving thank you! Remember the days of handing out school Valentines to classmates and teachers? There’s something sweet in that tradition: it celebrates all kinds of love–including the love you have for friends, colleagues, mentors, and your elders. Why not replicate that same sense of love sharing in your adult life? Bring sweets to your coworkers at work. Celebrate the checker at your supermarket or the teller at your bank with a sweet valentine or a heartfelt smile and a “Happy Valentines Day!” greeting. Call your faraway friends to wish them a happy heart day, and go for coffee with your best girlfriend. Give yourself a Valentines Day treat that will have you feeling great all month long: use today to get in touch with your heart, and all the people who make it happy.

Happy Valentines Day from us at Cardstore–we hope you have a happy heart today!



Valentines Day DIY Crafts

Add something special to your Valentines this year with some DIY elements and crafty fun! Some of Cardstore’s personalized Valentines Day cards are perfect for adding your own DIY touch. Here are some ideas to get you started:



  • Add a Bow: Hole punch either one or two places on your card to tie a bow, and wrap your Valentines Day card up like a present! Fill a tiny bag with candy and attach with your bow to create a sweet surprise.
  • Cut with Pizazz: Cut your school Valentines with craft scissors featuring interesting patterns to add texture to your design.
  • Go Crazy with Glitter and Sequins: Valentines Day isn’t a holiday known for its subtlety, so go ahead, add a little sparkle–or a lot!
  • Add Lace: Trim your card with a little lace or paper doily to give it that super sweet touch.
  • Sign your name with a thumbprint heart:If you have a little one who can’t sign their name yet, have them sign their Valentines with a thumbprint heart. Dip their thumb into paint or a stamp pad, and create a red heart that bears their mark.
  • Make candy part of your design:Add heart shaped wrapped candies to your design–putting them on top of hearts already on your card to add a 3-d and tasty touch to your card.


How do you make sure that your Valentines are one of a kind?

CS_SC_BLG_crafts_SHELFSchool Valentines Pictured: Super Valentine Heart, U Rock Valentine, and Photo Love Ya Valentine.


Mushy Made Easy – Valentine’s Day Cards and Messages

Finding that perfect Valentine’s Day message can help make the celebration special, but being creative enough to write something personalized and memorable is so difficult! Instead of stressing out about what you’ll write in your Valentine’s Day cards, why not choose a card that makes personalization easy? Cardstore has plenty of Valentine’s Day cards that make being romantic easy; all you have to do is fill in the blank! List some of their favorite things or your favorite memories together, add your initials to the card, and make it as personalized as possible to show how much of your love is in the card.

On the inside of the card, pick a quote from one of their favorite romantic movies to really make your love stand out! If she absolutely loves The Princess Bride, write “As you wish.” inside. If she’s a Tom Hanks fan, include a romantic quote from Sleepless in Seattle like, “I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was like… magic”. For a more classic quote, use one from a great movie like Gone With the Wind and write, “You should be kissed. And often. And by someone who knows how”. And if all else fails, the best standby comes from Jerry Maguire with the quote “You had me at hello”.

There’s no easier and sweeter way to show your love this Valentine’s Day than with Valentine’s Day cards from Cardstore that you can personalize with details of your relationship. Think about their favorite romantic movies and add a line from the movie inside to really make them swoon this Valentine’s Day.

Featured Cards: Three Things Love Card, Valentine Periodic Table Card, Valentine To Do List Card, Wanted Valentines Ad Card