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New Year, New You: Never Miss a Birthday Again


We have entered the new year, which means it’s time for making resolutions! It’s easy to set some very lofty goals for 2013, but it’s much harder to make sure those resolutions are actually kept. This year, why not make a resolution we can help you keep… we challenge you to resolve to never miss a birthday (or any special occasion) again! Each year seems to get more and more busy, so it can be really easy to miss that birthday or special occasion you meant to send a card for. But with Cardstore’s future send option, you can prepare for every special occasion of the year- right now! There’s no reason to ever miss a special event again by following these simple steps:

1. Pick a birthday card for your recipient, and after editing it to add a photo, their name, or a personalized note, select the “Mail to the Recipient” option

2. After adding the birthday guy or gal’s address, select “I’ll schedule a date” for delivery

3. Once that is selected, pick any date within the upcoming year to have the birthday card delivered right on time for their big day. (Sending Anniversary or Thinking of You cards instead? The same easy steps apply!)

4. Add the card to your cart!

With the future send option, there’s no reason not to have your resolution of never missing a birthday again be met. What other resolutions are you planning on keeping in 2013?









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