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Why Send a Thanksgiving Card?


We’re getting closer and closer to the holiday season, which means everyone is going to be thinking about photos, designs, and addresses for their holiday cards. But before you even send a holiday card, why not take the time to create a Thanksgiving card?

Because holiday cards are so popular, many people don’t even consider the thought of sending Thanksgiving cards. The upcoming holidays shouldn’t stop you though; there are so many fantastic reasons to personalize a Thanksgiving card for your family and friends! Below are a few favorite reasons:

1. You beat the holiday rush! Thanksgiving cards are still rare, so if your friends and family receive a card from you, it immediately stands out. That card will definitely hold a place on the mantle for much longer than any holiday card would.

2. For businesses, it’s the perfect time to tell customers exactly how you feel; thankful for their business! By telling them how thankful you are, it’s a sincere celebration of the spirit of Thanksgiving.

3. Thanksgiving cards are often even more personal than holiday cards. While holiday cards are sent to family, friends, and acquaintances, often without a very personalized note, Thanksgiving cards are perfect for sending to those few truly special people you feel incredibly grateful to have in your life. With a personalized note inside, Thanksgiving cards become even more heartfelt.

4. Thanksgiving is a holiday traditionally spent with the extended family, and if you can’t be with certain family members, a Thanksgiving card is a great way to reach out. Tell them you’re thinking of them during the holiday, and how you wish you could be celebrating and eating Grandma’s pumpkin pie together.

With so many benefits to sending a Thanksgiving card, there’s no reason to wait for the holidays to show how blessed and thankful you feel! Why will you send a Thanksgiving card this year?

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