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Halloween Invitations- How to be the Ghostess with the Mostest!

Be the “ghostest with the mostest” with party invitations to die for. From little goblin gatherings to an all-out monster-mash bash, create the perfect invite that’s oh so bewitching!

With witching hour fast approaching, it’s time to begin planning your Halloween party–and the first step to getting your spook on is selecting and sending your Halloween invitations. But how do you create a Halloween invitation that’s more of a treat than a trick?

  • Match your invite to your bash. Half the fun of Halloween parties are all of the shapes they can take. Gather all the kids together for a pre-trick or treating bash. Throw a pumpkin carving party one evening for an artistic twist on the traditional Halloween party. Transform your home into a spooky haunted house, and invite guests to brave it if they dare. Gather friends and family for a good old fashioned costume party. Host a spooky soiree with creepy cocktails. The possibilities are nearly endless! They key to throwing a great Halloween party–and finding the perfect Halloween invite–is to decide what kind of party you envision, and go from there.
  • Go batty with puns. No other time can you get away with as many puns as in a Halloween invitation–Halloween is a time for topsy-turvy fun, and your invitation language should show that off! Invite guys and ghouls to partake in some spooky fun. Let them know that it’s sure to be a fright of a night–truly a spooktacular occasion. If the party is BYOB–encourage guests to bring their own spirits, and ghosts too! Check out our invites that employ puns of their own–telling guests not to be a scaredy cat, or encouraging them to scare up some fun!
  • Be clear with the details. Because a Halloween party can take so many forms, you need to be especially clear with your Halloween party invitation wording. After supplying the basics, like date, time, meal/drink provisions, and RSVP info–be sure to include the most important part–whether or not it’s a costume party! From there, be sure to provide some other clarifying details–like whether its a kid Halloween party, or an adult Halloween party. Finally, spell out any supplies they might need for your party–like a pumpkin, trick or treat bag, or favorite scary movie.

Hopefully, we’ve sparked a few boo-tiful Halloween party ideas for you. Now go check out all of our Halloween invites on site and get planning your night of fright!

Halloween Invitations Pictured: Pumpkin Halloween Party Invitation,  Bad Cat Invite Halloween Party Invitation, Vampire Halloween Poison Halloween Invitation, & Cute Witch Invite Halloween Party Invitation.

What to Write – Kids’ Halloween Cards Edition!

Create a treat of a card for the little ghouls and goblins in your life. Add your own photo and a personalized message as an extra special treat! Need help on what to say? We got you covered…

The little ones in your life have been waiting for months to put on their costumes, grab handfuls of candy, and have a blast with friends. Why not send them a Kids Halloween Card to help them get even more excited for this devilishly fun holiday?

If you’re sending a card to a younger child, be sure to pick a design that’s not too spooky and instead pick one featuring a cute and friendly Halloween character. Inside, add a note that encourages them to organize a Trick-or-Treating group with friends and family, enjoy plenty of chocolate and candy (but to be sure to brush their teeth after!), and to take plenty of pictures in their costume so you can see what a great time they had celebrating this year. A great note to send would be something like “Happy Halloween Addison! I loved your pumpkin costume last year, and can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with this year. Have a great time Trick-or-Treating, and be sure to save me some Hershey’s!”. Sweet but simple enough for the little one to read, it will easily make their Halloween even more special.

Whether it’s a card for a granddaughter, grandson, niece, nephew, or any kid in between, they’ll love to receive a custom Kids Halloween Card from you. Which little ones in your life will you send a Halloween Card to this year?

Kids Halloween Cards

What to Write- Fall Holiday Cards Edition!

Creating a custom card to celebrate a sweetie? Looking to give your boss a shout-out on their big day? Here are some helpful tips on messages to include for fall holidays. We may not be in the full swing of the holiday season yet, but the beginning of fall brings plenty of other reasons to celebrate!

Boss’s Day, coming on Tuesday, October 16th, is the perfect chance to recognize your boss this year. Start by identifying what makes them such a fantastic boss (their humor? their attitude?), and then mention your hopes for an upcoming event (coffee? a big meeting?). Close by summing up what makes their leadership so valuable.  Your card should end up being sweet, sincere, honest and complimentary. Write something like, “Thank you for being more than a boss, but also a mentor. I really appreciate the time you take to share your feedback on my professional and personal development. Our weekly coffee chats are always a highlight; Looking forward to our next one!”.  Be sure to browse out selection of Boss’s Day Cards to find a card that fits your boss’s style today. Boss's Day Cards

Another fun holiday, Sweetest Day, will be celebrated on Saturday October 20th this year. It’s the perfect excuse to give your sweetheart, a loved one, or a great friend a card to show how thankful you are for all they do. Start your card by identifying your subject (husband? sister? best friend?), and thank them for something they’ve done recently that really stands out. Bringing up specific events will help them to reminisce on your times together too.

A Sweetest Day card should end up being totally personal, and should read something like “Thank you to the moon and back for being the best sister I could have ever dreamed of. From late night chats over the phone to impromptu lunch dates in the city, I’m so proud to call you my best friend too”.  Personalize each card with a photo of the two of you together and a note to make this a Sweetest Day they’ll remember.

If you’re just feeling ready to welcome the fall with open arms, check out our Fall Cards that will leave everyone ready to watch the leaves change and cuddle up by the fire. In the card, write what you’re most excited about with the coming of the fall, and why you’re thinking of the recipient during this season. It could end up being a simple greeting like, “Dear Aunt Diane, I can’t wait for the cold to come this fall so I can finally wear the sweater you gave me again; it’s one of my favorites! Hope the fall brings you plenty of time to relax with a delicious pumpkin spice latte”.  Add a photo of the family on the first day of school, in a pile of leaves, or showing what you have all been up to lately along with a personalized note to catch up with family and friends before the start of the winter holiday season.

What holidays will you be celebrating this fall?


Happy Fall! Celebrate the Season with Fall Cards

How did you celebrate the beginning of fall this weekend? With gorgeous changing leaves, school in full swing, and tasty apple and pumpkin treats, fall is a season to celebrate! Share memories of your visit to the pumpkin patch or the apple orchard with loved ones with one of our fall photo cards. Or, to capture another fall memory, share photos of your little guy or girl’s first day of school with the grandparents in autumn style. Share your favorite part of autumn with your own custom fall greeting inside. Cardstore’s new fall cards make the changing of the seasons something worth talking about–and are a great way to add a cozy touch to your friend or family member’s day as sweater weather approaches.

Check out a few Fall greeting cards below, and visit the site to send!

Cards Pictured: Warmest Fall Wishes Fall Card, Happy Fall Fall Card, & Fall Thoughts Fall Card

The How To’s of Birth Announcements

The 9 months leading up to the birth of your bundle of joy is quite a busy time full of planning and preparations. One of the classic pieces of having a new baby though, the birth announcement, often gets left until after the baby is born. Why not save yourself some time though (and maybe get a few more hours of sleep!), by starting work on Birth Announcements before your little one’s arrival? This guide on how and when to start work on your baby’s birth announcement should save you some time and energy so you can spend those extra moments with your newborn.

Before the baby is born:

  • Browse through our Birth Announcements on  If you know you’re having a boy or a girl, pick a card design you love for him or her. If you’re waiting to find out the gender of your baby at birth, pick a design in a neutral color (green, yellow, orange, etc) that’s equally adorable.
  • Compile your list of recipients and their addresses. A good rule of thumb is to send birth announcements to the same people you’d send holiday cards to. A birth is a great time to get in touch with old friends though, so feel free to use this as a chance to reconnect; who doesn’t want to see an adorable little one?

After the birth:

  • Add your names to the card, the baby’s full name, date and time of birth, location, as well as the weight and length if you so choose. If the baby has older siblings, you may want to include their names as well. For multiple births (like twins), include the same information but add the names to the card on different lines or on opposite sides of the card to ensure it is clearly read.
  • Take a cute picture of your baby to add to the card; everyone will want to see the newest member of the family!
  • After you’ve personalized the birth announcement, send it off between one and six months after the birth

With these tips, you should be able to jumpstart the creation of a timeless birth announcement, while enjoying every second with your little one.

Birth Announcements pictured: Sweet Baby Girl Girl Photo Birth Announcement, Blue Stripes Boy Photo Birth Announcement, and Twice as Nice Twins Twin Birth Announcement

Dinner Party Invitations: Setting the Theme

The mere phrase “dinner party” conjures up images of intimate conversations, cozy rooms, and warm, comfort food—it’s hard to imagine that any event could sound more alluring! But while the phrase may send you into an easy reverie, communicating the tone of your dinner party in practical terms can be a bit tougher. How do you get your image of your dinner party across to your guests? How do you let friends or family members know what kind of event you envision? In short, how do you set the theme for your dinner party?

The answer is in the design of your invitation: Cardstore’s selection of dinner party invitations can help you set guests dreaming of your dinner party in just the way you do. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner party with multiple courses, or a casual get together that’s more akin to a potluck, the array of Cardstore dinner party invites is sure to let guests know the plan. Cardstore dinner party invites don’t just let guests know what type of event your dinner party will be, however; they also set the tone. You can go for a minimalist design that captures the spirit of a sophisticated soiree, or you can go for something more bright and bold—forecasting a night filled with music and raucous fun.

Peruse the selection of dinner party invitations onsite—and who knows? Maybe one of Cardstore’s dinner party invitations will inspire your night, instead of the other way around.

Dinner Party Invites Pictured: Drink and Dish Party Invitation, Green Join us Party Invitation, Orange Tapestry Party Invitation, &  Pot Luck Party Invitation.

Hostess How To: Writing a Bridal Shower Invitation

A wedding on the way is something worthy of celebration—and the bridal shower can be one of the most fun ways to kick off the festivities! However, all the fun of the bridal shower originates in the bridal shower invitation—and sometimes finding the perfect phrasing can be tough. Here are a couple things to look out for as you put together your own perfectly worded bridal shower invite:

  • The Basics: Make a list of all the information you absolutely need on the invite—the address, time, date, bride name, host name, gift specifications, and RSVP information should all be stated as clearly as possible.
  • Theme: Let guests know what to expect with a few words about the theme. Here’s the place to show guests whether it’s a Bridal Brunch or a casual get together with light snacks. If you have any specific requests—in terms of clothing or theme-appropriate gifts, include a few words about those as well.
  • Tone: You can really let your creative juices flow when it comes to the tone! If you’re hosting a more formal party, make sure that your wording matches the occasion—using words like “honoring” or “in honor of” are sure to convey your desired event atmosphere. Full names will also do the trick. If the bridal shower’s aim is a more playful one, write it as if you’re speaking to a friend. Use casual diction and throw in a sweet joke or pun. Add to the tone of your bridal shower invitation with a sweet love quotation or love poem—use someone else’s words to create a bridal shower invite that will pop out in guest’s minds!

Check out our selection of bridal shower party invitations (and matching bridal shower thank you cards) to get inspired and begin composing your bridal shower invite today!

Bridal Shower Invites Pictured: Gray Bridal Dress Bridal Shower Invitation & Heart Shower Bridal Shower Invitation