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Back to School Good Luck Cards

Summer’s coming to a close–and that can only mean one thing: it’s time for the kids to head back to school! Going back to school can be fun–who wouldn’t love fresh new school supplies, hoards of new faces, and exciting new teachers and classes? Looking back on your own first days of school as an adult, it’s easy to get a little nostalgic for those back to school memories, but sometimes kids can use a little inspiration to get back into the swing of things. Let’s face it–summertime swimming and sunshine isn’t so bad either!

Help your favorite kid–be it your grandchild, niece, nephew, or just a friend–get excited for the school year ahead with our brand new array of Good Luck cards! Share your wishes of scholarly success, and plenty of fun, by adding custom good luck messages inside. Even add a picture of your own first day of school memories if you so choose! With a good luck card from you, they’re sure to have just that little extra spring in their step as they put on their backpack to face the new year.

Have a school child of your own? Why not share your own snapshots of the first day of school with friends and family with one of our photo cards? They’re sure to love seeing the specially selected first day of school outfit–and relive a few back to school memories of their own, too!

Good Luck Cards Pictured: People Say Good Luck Card & Good Luck Good Luck Card.


Offering Comfort in a Sympathy Card


A sympathy card is a wonderful show of support for a person who is grieving. Yet, at a time when we want to be the most comforting and caring, finding the right words can be difficult and we become unsure of what to write. While sometimes it’s fine to keep our words simple, such as “So sorry for your loss,” there are also times when we’d really like to say much more. Here are some thoughts on this sensitive subject, and some ideas on what is helpful to say.

Before you write your message in a sympathy card, think about the person you are sending it to, and how personal you’d like it to be. Equally important is considering the loved one who has died. Did you know the person, too? If so, it’s nice to include a fond memory of them in your message. Or perhaps they had an endearing quality, such as a wonderful laugh. For example, you might include, “I’ll always remember the time we…” or, “Her laughter always made me feel…” Extra touches in the card are also very thoughtful. Do you have a photo of the deceased that might make the recipient smile? Or, if you feel it’s appropriate, include a Bible verse or inspirational quote.

Remember, whether you knew the deceased or not, the most important thing is to let the bereaved know you care. A personal message—sincere and from the heart—is the perfect way to do just that.

In Honor of Grandparents Day!

Grandparents Day is September 9th, and Cardstore has unveiled a whole new selection of Grandparents Day cards just for the occasion! The best news is, you can get your Grandparents Day card for FREE from today until Sunday–so you can try them out and see for yourself!

The new Grandparents Day cards feature fully personalized, photo cards perfect to send love to your grandma or grandpa. Add your own custom message to any one of our Grandparents Day cards to add a smile to their day and show them how much you care. Give your Grandparents Day card that extra personal touch with a custom photo of you sharing a special moment with your grandparent or commemorate the family they’ve started with a photo of your grandparents with the whole crew! Visit the site to take a look at the new Grandparents Day cards yourself–and then get to creating yours for free using the code below. The free card offer is good sitewide, and it ends on 8/26. To make sure that your Grandparents Day card arrives on time, be sure to send by 9/2. iPhone App

With Cardstore’s new iPhone app you can send a card from wherever you are in three simple steps. Whether you’re killing time at the DMV, waiting for your appointment the doctor’s office, or riding along on your daily subway commute—now you can create beautiful cards on-the-go and send them with ease. For photo cards, you can use photos straight from your phone, or grab some straight from Facebook. After composing your message, you can add your real signature, by signing with your finger. Once you’ve finished making your card, we’ll send it for you—and all cards are only $2.99. Sound easy? It is! Just:

  1. Peruse the card selection and choose your favorite.
  2. Add your message, photo, and signature.
  3. Click “send!”

Check out some screenshots of the app below, and visit our site to download!

Download the app.


Peruse the cards.

Select your favorite card.

Customize, preview, and send!

Add your signature!


Photo Birthday Invitations–50% off!

All birthday invitations are 50% off right now, which means that it’s the perfect time to check out the invites that Cardstore has to offer! Cardstore’s vast selection of photo birthday invitations means that you can invite friends and family to celebrate with a smile—at any age. Whether you’re seeking one of our colorful kids photo birthday invitations or a milestone photo birthday invitation to celebrate a big event, the variety of available photo birthday cards means that you can find your ideal birthday invite, no problem. Commemorate the years gone past with a slew of smiling pictures of decades past and present, or capture a photo of the birthday boy or girl in the moment. Browse through our selection to plan your next birthday party—and order invites at half off—today!

Photo Birthday Invites pictured: Birthday Daily Journal 30th Birthday Invitation, Pirate Hat Kids Birthday Invitation, & Forty Photo Frame Birthday Invitation.

What to Write in a Get Well Card

When a family member or friend gets sick, all you want to do is help them feel better–but it can be so hard to figure out exactly what to write in your get well card! What tone do you strike to get their mind off of their illness? What do you say to offer your support with sincerity? How do you do your part to get them on the road to a speedy recovery?

The good news is, just opening up the mailbox to a get well card is sure to make them feel better; the better news is, we have some tips to make writing your get well cards a little easier!

  • Aim for positivity: Don’t dwell too much on their sickness–instead aim to send some positive vibes their way. Whether you make them laugh with a funny get well card, or select a more inspirational card, highlighting the happier things in life is sure to make them feel better with a smile. By focusing on the bright side, you focus on the future recovery instead of the present sickness.
  • Let them know how much you miss them: Whether you know them from work, school, or another activity, showing them that you notice when they’re not around will make them feel like they aren’t missing too much–and provide something to look forward to when they get well! Let them know that things aren’t the same when they’re gone, and that you won’t let them get out of the loop.
  • Offer your help: Provide a specific task that you would be willing to do to help–bring a pre-made meal over, or take care of their pets or kids for the afternoon. They’ll definitely appreciate you going out of your way during their time of need.

Following these three tips makes sending a get well card a breeze. Now, all you have to do is head over to the site and select the best get well card for your elegantly composed get well message!

Cards Pictured: Orange Little Sunshine Get Well Card and Feel Better Banner Get Well Card

Matching Birthday Thank You Cards

Create a cohesive birthday party with birthday thank you cards that match your birthday party invitations! Whether you’re throwing a kids themed birthday party or a sophisticated adult soiree, employing a matching birthday suite adds a little something extra to your birthday event. Add a custom photo from the birthday party and your own heartfelt birthday thank you message to give your birthday thank you card something personal–and voila! You’re set to send your birthday thank you card and end your birthday party with a bang.

Check out some of our corresponding birthday party invitations and birthday thank you cards below, or visit the site to select some of your own!

Birthday Thank You Cards Pictured: Superhero Birthday Kids Birthday Invitation & Superhero Thanks Birthday Thank You Card, Pink Castle Girls Birthday Invitation & Princess Castle Birthday Thank You Card, Rainbow Zig Zag Kids Birthday Invitation & Rainbow Zig Zag Thanks Birthday Thank You Card, Confetti Party Birthday Invitation & Confetti Thanks Thank You Card, Birthday Hooray 1st Birthday Invitation & Yay Thanks Birthday Thank You Card.