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What to Write in Your Graduation Announcements: A Grad Announcement Checklist

what to write

Making a custom graduation announcement should be simple—and it can be—but in the haze of planning for graduation, it’s easy to forget a few grad announcement essentials. Do yourself a favor, and go through this easy checklist of vital grad info before printing your photo graduation announcements:

The Basics

  • Graduate’s Name
  • Name of School
  • Graduation Year
  • Photo of the Graduate (Senior Portrait)

Hosting a Grad Party?

  • Place
  • Time
  • Date
  • Food or Event Details
  • RSVP Information

Graduation Details

  • Time of Ceremony
  • Date of Ceremony
  • Place of Ceremony

Fun Extras

  • The Graduate’s Future School or Upcoming Plans
  • Baby and Childhood Photos
  • Candid Photos
  • A Sweet Message or Signature Quote from the Graduate

Simply go through this quick and easy checklist to ensure that your graduation announcements turn out perfect and error free!

Pictured Above: Bold Red Grad Photo Graduation Announcement

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