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Staff Favorite Birthday Cards

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My favorite way to view Cardstore cards—especially when there are a lot of cards in a category, like with birthday cards—is to see some of my co-workers’ favorites. It makes sense, then, that I love perusing the staff favorites section on the site! When it comes to birthday cards, Cardstore has a huge selection—the number of birthday cards is almost overwhelming. If you’re a little indecisive like me, the staff favorites section is a great place to start. Here’s a few of the staff favorite birthday cards below, but you can check out the whole staff favorite birthday cards on site, too!

Birthday Cards pictured: Cupcake Happy Day Birthday Card, Empty Calories Birthday Photo Birthday Card, Truly Belated Birthday Card, Beer for You Photo Birthday Card, Happy Birthday Boy Photo Birthday Card, & Big Fat Birthday Photo Birthday Card.

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  1. I like the personalized beer card. I will have to refer my visitors to this one! Great for beer tasting parties that are so popular now!

    September 13, 2012

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