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Oh, babies! How our team’s big news inspired a birth announcement frenzy at


There’s something in the water here in our offices- and we’re all pretty psyched about it! Yep, there is a whole group of us expecting babies in the months to come. And, for several of us, this will be our first child- so we’ve all really bonded over this shared rite of passage.

As the months passed, our mommy-to-be chats evolved from describing weird symptoms and indulging ice cream cravings to decorating nurseries and registering for baby showers. Those of us who are further along are now just weeks (or days!) away from our due date, and we are all so excited to meet our babies and to introduce them to the world!

Our excitement was clearly contagious, as our very talented card designers were inspired to add tons of new birth announcements to the Cardstore assortment. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, as we just launched over 130 new announcements within the same week that the first of us are due with her baby! We are all so excited to have so many adorable, perfectly personalizable, choices! It took a while (did we mention all the great choices?), but we did each select our faves to use when our time arrives. And we’re super excited to share these adorable announcements with you, too! Whether you’re expecting, know someone who is, or just love cute baby photos, you have to check these out!

But we aren’t stopping there! As mentioned, this is the first pregnancy for many of us, and really value the advice and expertise of those around us. Selecting and creating our birth announcements is no exception. Therefore, we are proud to say we’re launching an entire series of blog posts dedicated to helping you create the perfect, personalized birth announcement for your perfect new baby! So go ahead, start browsing now because we know you’re gonna love what you find. And we’ll be here to help you announce your joy to the world in a style that’s all your own!

  1. Tamicka Mahoney #

    Congratulations to all eight of you! I wish you a healthy pregnancy and healthy little nuggets to snuggle with very soon! I too am expecting…my second…it flies by fast. The best way I found to remember it all is with pictures, lots of pictures!

    May 8, 2012
  2. Michelle Smith #

    Great photos Penny! All of the moms to be look great!

    May 8, 2012

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