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Baby Announcements Series #1: Upload Addresses Early!


While there’s plenty to do with a baby on the way, there’s going to be plenty more when your little one arrives! Make sending baby announcements easy by uploading addresses to ahead of time. Once you’ve made an account at Cardstore, uploading addresses for your birth announcements is simple–and there are even multiple ways to do it! You have two options:

  • Add your contacts to the site directly. You can put in all the information you need, and even sort your addresses into different groups!
  • Import your contacts. If you have your contacts in another program like Gmail, Outlook, or Excel, all you have to do is save them as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, label the appropriate columns, and import into Cardstore with our program. From there you can confirm the information and sort the addresses into different groups to share your baby with friends and family.

Uploading addresses early is a great way to get ready for the baby on the way and prepare a portion of your baby announcements in advance–go get started now!

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