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Add Custom Artwork to Mother’s Day Cards

personalized artwork card

You know that at Cardstore you can personalize your cards with custom photos, your digital signature, and whatever message your heart desires. But, some of our Mother’s Day cards sparked a new idea for personalization–custom art! Distant relatives (or even family nearby!) will love receiving homemade art from your son or daughter. Just commission your child to create some stunning art inspired by their grandma, aunt, or other lovely lady deserving some Mother’s Day attention. The steps are simple to send artistic Mother’s Day cards!

Select a priceless piece of homemade art and scan.

Choose one of our Mother’s Day cards with frames, perfect for showcasing your son or daughter’s creation.

Personalize your Mother’s Day card with all the special details like her name or nickname, the details of your son or daughter’s work of art, and whatever heartfelt Mother’s Day message you compose and send to grandma or auntie to share a Mother’s Day card that will stay up on the fridge all year long!

Cards pictured: Cardstore Homemade Picture Mother’s Day card and Wheelbarrow Mother’s Day Masterpiece card

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