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Take 2 Tuesday: Pretty as a Peacock

take two peacock

The saying “pretty as a peacock” has always been a favorite of mine. Growing up and visiting the San Diego Zoo where peacocks wandered around the grounds, I didn’t think there was anything more stunning than a peacock with its feathers open to show its work of art. So, to even remotely compare something to a peacock’s beauty means it’s pretty darn spectacular in my opinion. Recently, peacocks have taken over in the style world with peacock headbands and other details reminiscent of the beautifully adorned creatures. This trend has continued into the card world where this Peacock Beautiful Birthday Card had become a favorite of mine with its sweet greeting that would certainly make my birthday even better.

Peacock Beautiful Birthday card from designer Paper Loop

Peacock photo from Flickr photographer Cherilyn Joy

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  1. The first time that I came into the zoo, I was so amazed with the peacocks. They are so marvelous! I think you did a great job in designing this and incorporating the peacock to birthday cards.

    August 9, 2011

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