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Take Two Tuesday: Back to School

I always enjoyed school, so I can’t help getting a bit nostalgic watching the kids donning their new back-to-school clothes with fresh notebooks and backpacks in tow. I love both this personalized thank you card stationery and the lined paper pouches because they invoke similar nostalgia! Not to mention, back-to-school ushers in my favorite time of year–fall! Do lined paper and other scholastic goods make you think of your school days as well? Learn to Write Kids Thank You Cards

Lined Paper Cases from Etsy Shop pilosale

Pink Bird Inspiration

I’ve always liked this thank you card, but it’s the small pink bird in the corner that really puts it over the edge for me. I love small details that figure our feathered friends in everything from home decor to stationery, so this thank you card is perfect to match my personality. Luckily for me, bird motifs aren’t limited to Cardstore stationery. I can find bird-inspired goods in almost any medium I choose–pillows, mugs, jewelery, even (as you see below) doorstops! Rose Bird House Thank You Card by Susie Acheson

Doorstop and Dish Towel from Anthropologie

Bird Mug and Bird Pillow Covers from Pottery Barn

Bird Vase from Urban Outfitters

Take Two Tuesday: August Orange

I have to admit, I’m not usually an orange fan. Lately though, I can’t seem to get enough of a bright tangerine orange in textiles, pottery and paper goods. Even though tangerines and oranges are winter citrus fruits, orange has a distinctly summer vibe that is just perfect for August. Maybe I’m desperately clinging on to any sign of summer I can salvage! I love the intricate orange and white patterns below. Red Mosaic Thanks byKate Spain

Anthropologie Circle ‘Round Sheet Set

Writing Wedding Thank You Cards

Now that the Kardashian wedding has come and gone (with no colorful wedding dress, thank goodness), I imagine that Kim is going to have a lot of wedding thank you notes to write in the upcoming weeks! To help her, or you, out, here’s a  list of a few wedding thank you note tips to ensure your thank you cards will be at once easy to write and sincere!


Aim to get thank you notes out a month after you return from your wedding. With gifts that arrive before the wedding date, try to get a thank you back to them within two weeks. Guest are sure to be understanding if your thank you card arrives a little past the one month mark, but try to be timely!


Add a column to your RSVP list to jot down the gift each guest gave you. That way, when writing your thank you cards, you’ll be able to easily match the gift with each guest, and jog your memory as to whether or not the guest actually attended the wedding. This will help you avoid any embarrassing blunders mentioning a guest’s presence when they weren’t actually there!

Cardstore Shades of Blue Wedding Thank You Card by Paper Stories


Select a special, captured moment from the wedding to share with guests. A photo thank you card is sure to bring back memories of your wedding day, and convey your thanks in both images and words.


Begin by noting the role the guest played in your wedding, instead of the gift: It meant so much to me seeing you as I walked down the aisle. Your presence so brightened our special day. In opening your note with a heartfelt anecdote, you put the emphasis on the person instead of money or materials.

Next, thank them for the monetary or material gift, adding a brief note on where it will go in your home or how you’ll use it in the future. If possible, incorporate the guest into the activity or decoration, for example: I can’t wait for you to help us use the beautiful china plates you got us over some of my homemade lasagna soon!

End with a brief, summary thank you and offer your love. Voila! Four simple sentences, and you’ve got a quick and personalized thank you card for your guest.


Peruse for a selection of photo and regular wedding thank you cards.



Kardashian Wedding

I can’t seem to turn the corner without hearing someone talking about Kim Kardashian’s wedding this Saturday! Will she wear something other than a white dress? What theatrics are bound to play out? It’s like the royal wedding all over again!

Working for Cardstore, I’m particularly interested in the Kardashian wedding invitation (show below). You can tell so much about a wedding just from the invitation. It’s got a classic vibe with the black and white–mirroring the mandatory black and white dress code for guests–but it’s definitely ornate as well; there’s nothing simple when it comes to the Kardashians! Those side panels have a lot of detail going on, especially. I expect to be the actual wedding to be similarly formal and extravagant–but I guess you didn’t need to examine the Kardashian wedding invitation to guess that!

Invitation pictured here

Maybe you don’t have a Kardashian-sized wedding budget, I know I didn’t! But check out some of our favorite Kardashian-esque wedding invitations available on Cardstore:

Rue Saint Jean Black Wedding Invitation                          Daphne Scroll Black Wedding Invitation                               Sarah Black Wedding Invitation


New Holiday Cards & Promotion!

Yesterday, our Facebook page featured a sneak peak at some of our new holiday cards. They’ve gone live at the site today; visit Cardstore to take a look!

In other news, we have a new promotion going. Buy one card and get the second half-off by entering the code BOGO50 at checkout. It’s good through August 23rd!

Take Two Tuesday: Dahlia Delight

Purple dahlias are my absolute favorite flower. I almost can’t believe how much bright color can get worked into such a small space! I love anything flooded with color, which is why I always opt for thank you cards with a healthy dose of eye-catching bright colors.

Tropical Flowers Thank You Card by Kate Spain at
Dahlia Photo from Rose Notes

Jungle Birthday Inspiration

I love a good themed party, and this adorable Kate Spain kids birthday invitation really caught my eye. Decorate your home with homemade jungle vines, and provide fun animal facepainting as an activity. Or, really take a walk on the wild side, and hold the birthday party at the zoo! Either way, a jungle birthday party is a cute and easy summer birthday theme to try. Kids Birthday Invitation

Homemade Vines & How-to from One Charming Party

Dress from Anthropologie

Giraffe Plates and Napkins from Party at Lewis

Giraffe Cupcakes pictured at Simon Job’s Flickr

30% Off Promotion

Cardstore promotions just seem to keep getting better, and this week’s promotion is a big one! From now through August 16, you can receive 30% off your purchase, site-wide, by entering the code SAVE302011 at checkout. Visit to get card shopping!

Take 2 Tuesday: Pretty as a Peacock

The saying “pretty as a peacock” has always been a favorite of mine. Growing up and visiting the San Diego Zoo where peacocks wandered around the grounds, I didn’t think there was anything more stunning than a peacock with its feathers open to show its work of art. So, to even remotely compare something to a peacock’s beauty means it’s pretty darn spectacular in my opinion. Recently, peacocks have taken over in the style world with peacock headbands and other details reminiscent of the beautifully adorned creatures. This trend has continued into the card world where this Peacock Beautiful Birthday Card had become a favorite of mine with its sweet greeting that would certainly make my birthday even better.

Peacock Beautiful Birthday card from designer Paper Loop

Peacock photo from Flickr photographer Cherilyn Joy