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Cardstyle Find #98: Cut Paper from Sara Burgess

cardstyle-find-98This is some of the most gorgeous paper cutting I’ve seen. Check out Sara’s work here! Found via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Cardstyle Find #97: Polka Dot Party Cones

cardstyle-find-97As it gets closer to Memorial Day weekend and the kickoff of summer parties, I’ve been thinking about all the little touches I could add to the parties to make them even sweeter. When I came across these Party Cones from Shop Sweet Lulu, I knew they would make the perfect addition to a summer party. For popcorn or an ice cream cone holder, these are too cute for words.

Sweet Mothers Day Inspiration

Soft pink flowers pretty much scream Mothers Day! I love this Mothers Day card to suit a feminine, elegant mom. Here’s a couple of gifts to match! Three Dot Pink Rose Mothers Day Card by Delphine

Pink Rose Wallet from Anthropologie

Pink Flower Ring from Kate Spade

Miss Dior Cherie Available from Sephora

Pink Flats by Jimmy Choo available at Nordstrom

White Bow Top from Anthropologie