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Our Favorite Blog Posts: February 15 – 21


1. Homemade Streamers:  These colorful homemade streamers are perfect for a spring party.  Oh happy day is responsible for these gorgeous crepe paper creations. Learn how to make them yourself there! -Allison

2. Favorite Wedding of the Week: Virginia Vineyard Wedding – This dreamlike wedding, featured at Ruffled, really succeeded in creating an ethereal vibe. I love the faded quality of the photographs, and the use of whites and pastels against bright bursts of color. -Allison

3. This gorgeous shoot of the musical duo snowbirds from Live It Out Photo is probably my favorite thing I’ve seen this week. The backdrop for the shoot–with all sorts of intricate grey structures–is stunning, and the couple photographs so beautifully together. Totally inspiring! -Allison


4. While this Breakfast Brunch may have been for a one year old’s birthday party, I was instantly smitten with the idea of stacks of pancakes with candles, a cereal bar, and a funny but sweet take on bacon and eggs to celebrate anyone’s big day. Seen on The Sweetest Occasion, this little party made my day. -Vanessa


5. In this age of online communication, the art of handwriting has quickly disappeared, and I’ll be the first to admit my handwriting is nothing to be envious of. However, this post from David Lebovitz entitled “French Handwriting” has left me with some hope that in some parts of the world, the art of handwriting and letter writing is still alive and well. The continuation of this talent is somehow comforting and has me thinking about how I can improve that communication skill. -Vanessa

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  1. That post on French handwriting is amazing. We send out about ten thank you cards every month for various projects, and I love how old fashioned it feels to say a simple thank you and glad tidings.

    February 22, 2011

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