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Why Don’t You. . . October 9 & 10


. . . throw a beginning of autumn brunch? I loved this Farmhouse Harvest Brunch shoot that I stumbled upon on at The Sweetest Occasion. Beautiful colors, and yummy food! I love fall foods–specifically anything apple and pumpkin themed. What a great way to usher in my favorite season! -Allison

. . .try out this yummy caramel apple muffin recipe? If you haven’t gathered this already, I’m all about seasonal fruit.  I love going out and picking whatever’s in season! I’m headed home next weekend to visit family, and I know one thing I’ll be doing for sure–visiting the apple orchards! Until then, though, I’ll just satisfy my apple cravings with this very tasty looking recipe from the NY Times. -Allison


… make your own bread? There’s no pride quite like cutting into a fresh loaf of bread you’ve just made, and nothing reminds me more of fall than fresh homemade bread. I’ve been seeing tons of talk about bread in various blogs, like this post on Eating is Art, but this recipe from David Lebovitz looks so incredible… I can’t wait to knead this weekend! -Vanessa


… create no-carve pumpkins? I’ll be the first to admit I’m not even close to being the best pumpkin carver. I’ve been known to butcher a perfectly good idea, so I avoid it altogether. When I came across these No-Carve Pumpkin Ideas on Real Simple, I became newly confident! This year, I’m going to create a one of a kind pumpkin from these ideas that just doesn’t involve carving! I’m especially loving that chalkboard idea… who knew it could be used on pumpkins too?

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