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How To: Be Stylishly Eco-friendly

cardstyle-how-to-jewelryBeing eco-friendly isn’t as hard as it may seem.  You don’t have to save the rainforest to help the cause, just take advantage of all of the eco-friendly items around and help make them part of your lifestyle.  One way is to accessorize in an earth-friendly way.  Look for recycled and vintage jewelry, normally these pieces are higher craftsmanship and last longer than your typical piece.  Another tip is to opt for pearls, they are farmed using aquaculture, a less damaging technique than land mining.  Also, support small producers and buy your jewelry from local artisans, not only will your piece be one of a kind, but you’ll be working towards  a more sustainable world at the same time.

Inspiration Board: Pretty in Pink


Finding motivation from the classic film Pretty in Pink, today’s Inspiration Board features my favorite color: pink.  Pink isn’t just a girly color, it also brightens up your mood, especially when it colors such delectable desserts and enticing perfumes.  Add some pink into your life, too!

Natalie Eden Birthday Card on

Cardigan from JCrew

Rain Boots from Hunter

Chinatown Perfume from Bond No. 9

Pumps from Kate Spade

Polka Dot Vase from Kate Spade

Frozen Yogurt from Pinkberry

Cardstyle Find #49: Homemade Floral Boutonnieres


We love these whimsical and delicate boutonnieres from MedowBelleMarket!

Marching Along…

I’m not the biggest fan of the color green. I know, it’s loved by many and is my eye color, but there’s something about it that just doesn’t sit well with me. Over the past months, I’ve noticed the increasingly popular military-inspired trend, accompanied by various shades of green. I admit, I hated this trend at first just because of the green. However, over time these different, darker shades of green have grown on me, especially when paired with a bit of tan or brown. And this Friendship Card from Zelda Wisdom featuring those rich colors is too cute to pass up!

army-inspirationFriendship Card from

Convoy Coat from Anthropologie

Michael Kors Watch from Elle

Mercer Messenger purse from deux lux

Vanessa Boot from Nordstrom

What We’re Reading: September 23 – 29


Experience: I spent 29 Years in Solitary Confinement: This harrowing portrait of a wrongfully-accused man’s time spent in solitary confinement from The Guardian is sure to make you reconsider what you consider cruel and unusual punishment. It certainly isn’t a light read, but it’s sure to make you think.


On Distraction – This post by Alain de Botton is deceivingly short, yet full of fascinating points. I’m the first to admit how often I get distracted; with the media constantly throwing things in our faces and the expectation to be multi-tasking at all times, concentration is almost impossible to achieve. As this post points out though, there can be total overload. I think the author puts it best: “Our minds, no less than our bodies, require periods of fasting”.

Cardstyle Find #48: Antique Mirror


Mirrors can be so simple, but I just love them when used as a work of art. I’m absolutely in love with the gorgeous frame around this French Country Mirror from Etsy vendor Revived Vintage. And what an absolutely perfect name to describe it!

Inspiration Board: Black and White Halloween Elegance

Okay, okay, I know–it’s still September. But trust me, I couldn’t hold back any longer! Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays, and it requires a lot of planning! So, I figured we might as well start with the inspiration part early. I love this elegant twist on the standard campy Halloween decor (not that I don’t full on endorse campy during Halloween!).  I can’t wait to get started on my entry way, and the rest of my Halloween decorations. Halloween Party Invitation by

Table Setting from Apartment Therapy

Entry way decor from In the Fun Lane

Ichabod Pumpkin from Better Homes & Garden

Chandelier Print from Etsy Shop Faux Kiss

Broom Wooden Sign from Etsy Shop Closet Under the Stairs

Take Two Tuesday: Tickle My Fancy

I don’t think there’s anything cuter than an unexpected love note. We’re months away from Valentine’s Day, which makes any sweet declaration completely out of the blue and totally heart felt. I absolutely adore our Tickle My Fancy Love Card from Sam Posnick. He has created some of the cutest and most witty love cards… they’re too cool! And pairing that card with a photo of a real feather by Ryder Dschida just looks so romantic.


Tickle My Fancy Love Card from

Feather photo from Flickr

The Art of Letter Writing: The Permanence of Letters


While scanning through Emily’s Etiquette today, looking for inspiration, I came across her word of warning on the permanence of letters and was immediately struck by it:

For all emotions written words are a bad medium. The light jesting tone that saves a quip from offense can not be expressed; and remarks that if spoken would amuse, can but pique and even insult their subject. Without the interpretation of the voice, gaiety becomes levity, raillery becomes accusation. Moreover, words of a passing moment are made to stand forever.

Anger in a letter carries with it the effect of solidified fury; the words spoken in reproof melt with the breath of the speaker once the cause is forgiven. The written words on the page fix them for eternity.

Love in a letter endures likewise forever.

Admonitions from parents to their children may very properly be put on paper-they are meant to endure, and be remembered, but momentary annoyance should never be more than briefly expressed. There is no better way of insuring his letters against being read than for a parent to get into the habit of writing irritable or fault-finding letters to his children.”

I’ve put my favorite parts of her warning in bold–it is so very easy to jot off a letter quickly in moments of anger or other types of overwhelming emotion. Indeed, when it is writing a letter any more attractive than in moments of impulsivity?

On the other hand, however, isn’t what is so attractive about letter writing as a medium its permanence? Its ability to freeze a single moment of emotion for eternity?  That, I believe, it what makes them such a powerful form of communication. To lose the everlasting memento of a love letter out of fear of its permanence would be a sad thing indeed!

However, in our age of technology, Emily’s words ring all the more true.  Email is not at all forgiving to those of us cursed with excessive emotion of impulsive tendencies. Before you send off an email, or jot down a letter, make sure to ask yourself:

  • Would I want these words to endure forever?
  • Would I care if my family or friends saw this?
  • What would I think of this message 20 years down the line?

While it isn’t exactly realistic that you’re going to consider such grave questions every time you hit the send button, a touch more awareness wouldn’t hurt! I certainly wish that I had paid closer attention to what I wrote down every now and again.

Look forward to more letter writing tips (and Emily Post wisdom) next Tuesday!

Emily Post quotes from her book Etiquette, published in 1922.

Cardstyle Find #47: Monogrammed Stamp

cardstyle-find-47I visited Paper Source this weekend and fell in love with stamps all over again. I honestly have not used them since elementary school, but I’m craving the personal and cute touch of a stamp on my stationery, inside my books, and anywhere I can mark! When I came across this Initial Rubber Stamp from MaeMae Paperie, I knew I was done looking. How pretty is the elegant letter and design? Stamps, here I come!