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Letter Inspiration: An Ironic Note to Andy Warhol

I love this letter! Everything about it is funny–the oversized letterhead, the content (“I at one time hoped to acquire one of your Campbell Soup Label paintings–but I’m afraid you’ve gotten too expensive for me”), and especially that they included some Campbell Tomato soup for him! I desperately want to know how Andy Warhol would have responded to this. I’m sure it would have been delightfully tongue-in-cheek!


Letter Image from Letters of Note

Cardstyle Find #26: Clock Chalkboard

clockThis clock chalkboard from Etsy shop MaryKateMcDevitt is just what I need to get me organized before I head back to school! Not only is it adorable (I love love love the sort of vintage feel it has to it), but it doesn’t have too much space for listing so I don’t get overambitious with my to-do list thereby getting none of it done.  This would be beyond cute in a cheery yellow kitchen!

Inspiration Board: Santorini Dreamin’

I started off my summer on the Greek islands and it was the most magical experience I’ve ever had. Pretty cobalt blue and white always takes me back there–the beautiful white architecture of Mykonos, the cliffside views of Santorini, the stunning handmade jewelery on Paros. . . I’m already aching to go back! It’s amazing how something as simple as a color palette can launch you into such strong memories, isn’t it? As I definitely won’t be able to go back anytime soon, I’ll just have to savor the memories as “Mykonos” by Fleet Foxes runs through my head.
wavespiration Customized Notebook by Milo Paper

Photo of Oia (on Santorini) from Flickr user SaxonFenken

Ceramic Blue Fish Plate from Etsy Shop yogagoat

Cobalt Top from Anthropologie

Blue Sea Glass Necklace from Etsy Shop BeachGlassMemories

Ceramic Blue Pattern Earrings from Etsy Shop caughtredhanded

Why Don’t You. . . Ideas for the Weekend of August 21 and 22

. . . make your own granola? Okay, I know, I know, granola gets a lot of flack for being a faux-healthy food, but I’ve got to admit that I can’t get enough of it!  I love trying different kinds, and I think it would be fun to make a huge batch of my own. Why not try this yummy recipe from using sesame seeds and honey? Or this one from David Lebovitz that uses apple sauce instead of oil? Or you can try the one I’m making, the ever-decadent chocolate granola from L’Orangette. Yum.


Photo from

. . . dress up your cupcakes a little bit? I’m definitely not denying that cupcakes are pretty cute on their own, but these pretty doily cupcake holders from How About Orange are certainly nice little touch! They would make such a pretty element at any sort of shower–or even as a cute piece of (temporary!) kitchen decor!

cupcakesPhoto from How About Orange

. . . throw a last night of summer barbeque? All growing up I always hated that last Sunday of the summer before school started.  Why not switch the tone around and invite everyone over for an end of summer BBQ?  With plenty of good music, good food, and good company, the last night of summer will feel like a celebration instead of a night of anticipation! So, hang up your twinkle lights, get the supplies for a bonfire, create a hits of summer playlist and start making some phone calls to all of your friends and family!

It Was All Yellow

For the past week and a half, all I’ve been craving has been corn, corn, corn. I’ve eating black bean and corn salads, corn on the cob, and have tried to put corn on everything, but I just want more, more, more! There’s something about summer and corn that go so perfectly hand in hand, and I can’t help myself but to want it 24/7. Besides eating more corn, which I plan on doing for the rest of the summer, I thought I’d focus on the fun and colorful aspect of corn for this inspiration board. Working off of a Yellow Stalk Party Photo Birthday Invitation designed by Persnickety Pear, I’ve compiled some images that remind me of the sweet, bright aspects of corn. And I hope that whole ode to corn wasn’t too corny! (I couldn’t help but to throw that in there!)


Yellow Stalk Party from

Madison Harding ‘Cryder’ Flat from Nordstrom

Corn Salad from Martha Stewart

Autumn Corn Nuggets from Flickr photographer Batikart

K + M Letters from Style Me Pretty

Vapu Dress from Anthropologie

Cardstyle Find #25: Floral Print Saddle Bag

cardstyle-find-25With school just around the corner, it’s time to get a new carry-all bag. I’m dying for this one from Cath Kidston.  Part floral-charm, part vintage-chic, I can’t imagine any outfit this wouldn’t immediately spruce up.  Love it!!

Cardstyle Find #24: Leaf Statement Necklace

cardstyle-find-24I love statement jewelery that doesn’t incorporate too many colors, and isn’t too heavy. I also, as you probably know by now, love nature motifs. This necklace from Asos has me swooning in part for the design and in part for the price (6 pounds, don’t ask about shipping)!

How Dandy!

As a little girl, I loved picking the dandelions in the front of my friend’s house and making a wish as I blew the seeds away. I believed whole-heartedly in making a wish on a dandelion, and to this day I can’t help but to make a wish every time I find myself holding a dandelion. Maybe it’s these whimsical memories that has made this Magic Wish Birthday Card from february 13 creative a consistent best seller. Everybody still wants to believe their wishes can come true; especially for a birthday! To celebrate this wishful card, I’ve created an inspiration board full of some dandelion images. Enjoy… and don’t forget to make a wish!


Magic Wish Card from

Swirly Cupcakes from Martha Stewart

Dandelion Ring from Etsy vendor debbychoi79

Sparkler Sparks from Flickr photographer orangeacid

Soffione Blouse from Anthropologie

Dandelion Seeds from Flickr photographer Luigi FDV

What We’re Reading: August 12-18


1. The Locavores Are All Right – The subject for this article was inspired by the movie The Kids Are All Right (which I haven’t seen yet but heard is great), in which a main character is a “locavore”. This rapidly growing food movement focuses on using locally grown ingredients, and purchasing foods from farmers markets or growing items on your own. Becoming more and more popular and now found in the restaurant scene as well, this food movement is something I’m fascinated in. This article contains websites of locavores and tons of information about the movement, and how to become more involved.

2. At Vegans’ Wedding, Beef or Tofu? – On the heels of vegetarian Chelsea Clinton’s wedding, at which meat was served, the topic of food at weddings has become huge. This article outlines how some vegetarians and vegans choose to serve no meat at their weddings, and how guests walk away feeling surprisingly satisfied… even for meat eaters! More caterers are getting dietary requests as the food world continues to evolve with gluten-free and other needs, and are working hard to still satisfy customers. What do you think… meat or no meat?


1. Is the Husband Going to Be a Problem? Another interesting article in the Modern Love section of the NY Times, this article explores the conflict between career and family. Both on the quest to become tenured professors (a feat difficult in and of itself, without trying to find positions together), the author and her husband struggle to raise a family together and find jobs that allow them to live in the same place.

2. It’s not you, it’s your books This funny article from NY Times isn’t exactly recent, but I just stumbled upon it thanks to More Intelligent Life. It details how we use books as a tool for self-branding, and how certain books are an automatic turn-ff. An enjoyable read that will make you start questioning what you’re books are saying about you!

Cardstyle Find #23: The Find


I stumbled upon this book thanks to a mention in my newspaper, The San Diego Union Tribune, and knew it would be excellent to check out. The Find is full of tips on how to decorate using thrift store finds, flea market bargains, and vintage items, it has proven incredibly helpful for helping me tie some rooms together. It’s such a steal to use this book instead of a decorator to make your home look just right!