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Cardstyle Find #31: Vintage Typewriter Necklace


I’ve been on a real letters kick lately. I’ve been obsessing over letters on rings, necklaces, bracelets, stationery, walls, and everywhere possible! When I found this Vintage Typewriter Necklace from Etsy vendor Buster and Boo I knew it was the one I had to have. What’s cooler that wearing the keys from the machine that types the letters? I love the black against the white, and the vintage feel of it. I really love the X O, but I may need to do a V for Vanessa… such a tough decision!

Inspiration Board: Fall Leaves

Fall is coming whether we like it or not, and I know that I can’t get enough of pretty fall leaves on everything from clothing to dinner party accents.  Add a pretty golden leaf to your ensemble to get a jump start on fall fashions! Fall Leaves Photo Card

Maple Leaf Earrings from etsy shop alibalijewellery

Oak Leaf Necklace from etsy shop freshyfig

Leaf Bag from etsy shop sineminugur

Leaf Appetizer Plates from etsy shop marywibis

Cardstyle Find #30: Camping Merit Badge


Boyscout patches are pretty cute on their own, but I’m dying over these handmade patches from etsy shop leemeszaros. Wouldn’t these make the sweetest touch on an otherwise simple jacket?  I love all of her patches. Go take a look!

Inspiration Board: In Need of Caffeine!

Today is one of those days where I can’t seem to satisfy my caffeine craving. I can’t keep my eyes open! So, in honor of my inability to stay awake (or focus on anything but when my next cup of joe will be), here’s a coffee related inspiration board! Thanks a Latte Card by Paper Loop

Vintage Coffee Sign from For the Love of Coffee

Latte Bowls from Anthropologie

Dish Towel from Anthropologie

Latte Art from here

Red French Press by Bodum at Sur La Table

Cardstyle Find #29: Turquoise Skinny Belt


Lately I’ve found myself drawn to pops of color. A simple button down white shirt or a little black dress with a pop of color accessory is all I want. Instead of sticking with shoes, earrings, or a bag for the accessory, I love this skinny belt from Etsy vendor By The Belt. The color would spice any outfit up, and that belt buckle is beyond cute! I think it provides just the right color before we enter the more subdued shades of fall. What would you wear it with?

Cardstyle Find #28: Scalloped Clock


I seem to be drawn to clocks of all shapes and sizes lately–probably out of my desperate need for some organization in my life right now!  I love this delicate scalloped blue clock from Etsy shop uncommon. All of the details are just right! Plus, it’s versatile; I can see it placed anywhere from a baby nursery to my own bedroom!

Inspiration Board: Anchor Lovin’

Since it’s the last week of summer, I figured I better feature one of my favorite summer icons–the anchor. Vintage and adorable, it’s the ultimate summer symbol. Don’t you wish that we could all just hop on a cruise and put off the impending school year? I certainly do. Alas, as I can’t avoid it, I’ll just wear my anchor clothing non-stop this week as a sign of protest.
anchor-inspiration Boys Birth Announcement by Carrot & Stick Press

Anchor Cupcakes from Flickr User WhippedBakeshop

Anchor Charm Bracelet from by Betsey Johnson

Embroidered Anchor Home Accent from Etsy Shop PinkTigerTextiles

Anchor Earrings from Etsy Shop FallorFly

Anchor Charm from Etsy Shop LoriCitay

Take Two Tuesday: Fireworks!

The fourth already seems so long ago, doesn’t it? What I wouldn’t give to go back to July right now! Thank You Card by february 13 creative

Fireworks photo from Flickr EpicFireworks

Cardstyle Find #27: Golden Twig Ring

twig-ringI can’t get enough of nature-inspired gold jewelry lately. This would go perfectly with any ensemble, for any occasion–so easy to dress it up or down! This ring from Etsy shop colbyjune would be a great little investment piece.

Inspiration Board: Houndstooth

Nothing says back-to-school as well as preppy fabrics! I never really feel like I’ve been able to pull of Houndstooth (though I’ve wanted to!), but I feel like a lot of the items below offer a twist on the classic Houndstooth styles.  That dress, for instance, puts a modern twist on Houndstooth through its use of sequins and modern cut.  Another way I’m thinking about incorporating it is through tiny details, like those Houndstooth earrings. What do you think? Personalized Photo Notebook by Milo Paper

Dress from by Adriana Papell

Earrings from Etsy Shop studmuffins

Ipod Case from Etsy Shop mariforsale

Gray Houndstooth Purse from Etsy Shop dishhandbags

Black Houndstooth Purse from by Juicy Couture