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Why Don’t You. . . July 24th and 25th


Cardstyle’s best ideas for this weekend

. . . throw a “Mad Men” premiere party? Who isn’t obsessed with the early 1960’s charm of this show? Bring the easy glamour of the sixties to life in your living room by hosting a cocktail party in honor of the season 4 premiere this Sunday!  Sleek suits (complete, of course, with skinny ties!), 60’s dresses, some candy cigarettes, deviled eggs, and a healthy amount of martini’s? Certainly sounds swell to me! For party ideas check out Oprah’s selection of food and martini’s, a couple more gourmet ideas at Ezra Pound Cakecostume ideas at, and everything in-between at We Heart This! -Allison

Mad Men Cast Photo

. . . finally organize all the spare recipes you have laying around? Use some cute printable recipe cards like these from Tie that Binds to write out all of your recipes, and organize them by type. Now all you need is this gorgeous recipe box from Rifle Paper Co. If that’s a little bit out of your price range, try this beautiful french-inspired one from Etsy user SixthandElm or this weathered wood one from etsy user ColettePapeterie. Not only will you have a cute accessory for your kitchen when you’re done, but you’ll also reaquaint yourself with many of your long-forgotten recipes! -Allison


Sixth and Elm Recipe Box

. . . go on a mini-roadtrip? There’s so much beauty around us that we never take the time to go see. Last weekend, I grabbed my best girlfriend, packed up a couple of snacks , created a pretty, folky playlist and took off down the 1. We stopped everywhere that caught our eye, and ended up finding the prettiest picnic spot.  We even ended up at an adorable beach town neither of us had ever been to when it was 80 degrees out, in Northern California!  For proper roadtrip music, I recommend Slow Club’s “When I Go”, Johnny Cash’s “Big River” (everything Johnny Cash is perfect, really), and Beirut’s “Mount Wroclai”.  Bring whatever you like for the picnic, but make sure you leave room for berries from the local stands and fish tacos from small seaside shacks! Make sure you bring a map, but don’t plan out where you’re going beforehand. -Allison


A Shot From Our Drive!

create your own bookcase? I love using something I already have around the house to create another completely different thing, so I’m in love with this bookcase idea from Country Living! Simply use some old dresser drawers to create a bookcase that you can line and paint however you want! With the different sizes of the drawers, it makes an awesome piece of art to house your favorite books in.


… dye you own canvas sneakers? Having done this before, I can tell you this is the easiest and most fun way to spice up any summer wardrobe! Martha’s tips are impeccable, and will make any canvas shoes look great. I recently dyed 3 pairs of white canvas flats that I picked up at Rite Aid to turn them orange, navy blue, and yellow, and the final product turned out great. This is a great activity to do with kids too; I remember being fascinated with dyes when I was younger!


… make a peach blueberry cobbler? It’s summertime, and I find myself craving fresh, farmer’s market fruits for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and especially for dessert. I think this recipe from Smitten Kitchen looks absolutely delicious. I can’t wait to try it out and mix it up a little bit with different fruit finds every week. If you try the recipe, be sure to let us know how it turns out! -Vanessa


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