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Our Favorite Blog Posts of the Week: July 11-17

We read so many inspiring, beautiful blog entries each week, and we can’t help but want to share them. Check out our favorite posts from last week!

Allison’s Picks:

1. Reclaiming Wife – Claiming my 30’s from A Practical Wedding: Great, inspiring post in which Meg, the author, takes a look back over her 20’s, and uses it as a starting point to understand her 30’s and the decade that lies ahead. Perfect for anyone who needs some encouragement to look back, stop planning, and stop stressing.

2. Ask Design Mom: Growth Chart from Design Mom: The cutest growth chart I’ve ever seen! I had to give a shout-out to Design Mom for this adorable find.

3. Engagement Session with Vintage Glamour from StyleMePretty: This is by far my favorite engagement session that I’ve seen lately. It’s at once chic and timeless and serves as great inspiration for a classic engagement shoot. I love how it strays from the cutesy, self-same details that most of the engagement shoots being featured lately include. I love vintage cameras and tiny cupcakes as much as the next girl, but really, I’ve seen enough of them in engagement photos to last me a lifetime!

Vanessa’s Picks:

This week, I was loving the images in blogs more than anything else. So if you’re wanting to look at some pretty pictures, be sure to check out numbers 1 and 2, and if you want some fantastic DIY ideas see number 3!

1. Dresses of Color from Black Eiffel: This image makes me swoon… it’s like a Skittles taste the rainbow picture but sooo much yummier to me! What I would give for just one of those dresses.

2. Paper Artist Wednesday from Paper Schmaper: The fact that anyone could create these absolutely blows me away. Have you ever made anything this intricate? And I have a special place in my heart for the paper birds because they remind me of the birds seen throughout Assisi. See what I’m talking about here:

3. 8 Summery DIY Ideas from Decor8: So many ideas, such a short summer! I’ve dyed canvas shoes before just as described and they worked perfectly, so I’m excited to try her other ideas. Any suggestions about what to start with? I may go with the cherry crumble cake… looks delicious!

Have any blog posts that you really enjoyed lately? Send them our way, and we might include them in next week’s edition of our favorite blog posts!

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