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It’s A Robo-Party

Ever since Buzz Light Year and the Iron Giant warmed kids’ hearts years ago, kids have developed a growing fascination in these cute automatons. That’s why I instantly fell in love with this Robot Party theme from Hostess with the Mostess. And it was only right that I put a Cardstyle twist on this fabulous party idea. So I gathered a few robot-themed activities and accessories as an inspiration for your kid’s next birthday party.

Robot Costume Contest. Provide cardboard boxes with holes cut out for the arms and the head, have square cut-outs of construction paper ready to glue to the sides of the box, and have buttons and other accessories for the kids to design their unique costumes.


Robot-themed table courtesy of French Bull. Robot cupcakes courtesy of Hello Naomi. Robot party invitation courtesy of Robot costume courtesy of Cookie Mag.

Celebrities love stationery!

Actresses Amy Ryan and Poppy Montgomery, singer Drew Lacey, and celebrity wife Natalie Hanson recently sent out thank you notes from our kids’ stationery collection. They all received gift sets provided by Jewels and Pinstripes, which featured our stationery. Ryan used one of our most popular sets, the Pink and Gray Elephant stationery, to thank Jewels and Pinstripes for their gift to her new baby girl. Others used our Light Blue Sand Dollar Thank You Card by Tori Higa, the Superhero Boy Thanks by Persnickety Pear, and the Flying Biplane Thanks by Amy Adele. We’re always so delighted to hear when our celebrity fans send out greeting cards!

Celebrity Thanks

Take Two Tuesday: Good Enough to Eat

Valentine’s Day may have passed, but sweet treats never go out of style — especially cupcakes, which were by far the trendiest baked good of 2009. Personalize a cupcake card for your sweetie with this cute Persnickity Pear design. And while you’re at it, you can drool over other delicious goodies by baker Glorious Sweets.

Spring-Themed Baby Shower

Inspired by the upcoming spring season, here is a baby shower that celebrates life to the fullest! Featuring plenty of pastels and natural tones with splashes of yellow, this baby shower is perfect for all eco-friendly moms out there. Add details with birds, nests, and eggs for a style that is completely spring. Featuring plenty of DIY decorations, this baby shower is sure to captivate guests with its fresh, whimsical beauty.


The tabletop image is courtesy of Hostess With The Mostess, which also provided the images for the yellow drink, wooden letters of the baby name, nesting name cards, and bird sugar cookies. The invitation is courtesy of 

The Sweetest 16th

Inspired by MTV’s hit show My Super Sweet Sixteen, I thought it’d be a great idea to create a DIY Sweet Sixteen party guide. After her wedding and prom, Sweet Sixteen is probably every girl’s most anticipated celebration. And now that MTV has filled teens’ heads with extravagant, celebrity Sweet 16 bashes, your job as a money-conscious party planner has become that much harder. But don’t fret, we have all that you need to throw a fabulous, economically-friendly Sweet Sixteen Party right here!
The cookie dresses and personalized lotion are courtesy of Beau Coup. The deliciously pink cake is courtesy of Queene of Tartes. The pretty pink dress is courtesy of Forever 21. The pink and orange party invitation is courtesy of The Sweet 16 tiara is courtesy of Tiara’s for Brides.


Love Letter Lessons recently joined forces with Janet Gallin and Tresa Eyres, the communication experts and radio hosts behind San Francisco’s Love Letter Squad, for the prefect prelude to Valentine’s Day: a Love Letter Workshop.  Looking for a last minute gift to warm the heart of your Valentine? Love letters are inexpensive and incredibly meaningful, that is — if done correctly. The Love Letter Squad explains that good love letters say ‘hello,’ while great love letters change lives. Here are some tips on how to write a great love letter:

  • A great love letter is a combination of passion and planning. Unlike a quick e-mail or text message, this is a gift that should be well-considered. Start with an outline of what you want to say.
  • You don’t have to be an amazing writer to make an impression. As long as the sentiment is from you, your reader will value its truths.
  • A love letter doesn’t have to be romantic. When is the last time you wrote to your parents, children, or faraway friends? Kids especially love receiving things for them in the mail.
  • Avoid cliches. Try to use rich details specific to that person. Having trouble? Brainstorm ‘3 things I love about you,’ or ‘one of my favorite memories of you’.

A love letter is special for the recipient, for one, because they get to see themselves through the eyes of someone who loves them. It may take a little more effort than buying chocolate or flowers, but it’ll last forever, and probably mean a whole lot more. Good luck, and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Take Two Tuesday: Ice Cream Love


Personalize an Ice Cream Love Coupon good for a special treat, with an endless expiration date. It’s the perfect Valentine’s day gift for kids, or anyone with a sweet tooth!

The delicious photograph is courteousy of Dainty Cakes — it’s actually strawberry cake baked in an ice cream cone, topped with a swirl of vanilla butter cream and sprinkles. Yum.

Celebrity Gift Bag Giveaway!

Last week, stationery was selected for the VIP Celebrity Bags at the Grammy’s MusiCares Charity event. Musicians such as Norah Jones, Sheryl Crow, and Elton John performed in honor of the MusiCares person of the year, Neil Young. Each VIP Celebrity Bag, provided by Jewels and Pinstripes, features the trendiest items in the parenting world, including our own personalized cards! One lucky winner has the opportunity to win one of Jewel’s and Pinstripes Celebrity Girl 2-5 Birthday Bag full of goodies for their little one. Don’t forget to enter and good luck!

Dino-mite! The newest trend in Valentine’s Day Cards

In the midst of our ever-evolving technology, it’s a wonder that one of the newest trends in Valentine’s Day Cards is the dinosaur! Perhaps these Mesozoic creatures have gained popularity as a metaphor for classic, timeless love. Or perhaps people just enjoy the unconventionality of a dinosaur communicating their deepest feelings to their sweethearts. One sure thing is that these pre-historic creatures are dominating the front of Valentine greetings in 2010. Here are a few of my favorite dino-themed Valentine greetings from

Take Two Tuesday: Penguin Love








Penguin Love Valentine’s Day Card by Amy Suther of February 13 Creative.

Image courteousy of photographer Uhuru.