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Artist Guest Blogger: february 13 creative is pleased to feature Artist Guest Blogger february 13 creative.  To see february 13 creative’s Cardstore Collection of Holiday Cards, click here.

f13_diygifttags_new2Most of you are probably familiar with’s wonderful DIY photo card products, which you can use to create cards using your own full-bleed photos. Well, over here at february 13 creative, we recently thought of this fun new use for Cardstore’s DIY Photo Business Card product: custom gift tags!

Upload your own artwork, your kid’s adorable drawings, your photos or any high-resolution image file that you’d like to feature on your gift tags. We’ve even provided a handy-dandy downloadable image file here which you can upload for the back of your gift tag.

Here are some other quick tips for preparing and uploading your image files:

  • Cardstore’s DIY Photo Business Cards are sold in sets of 25, so you’ll want to choose a versatile design.
  • Your file should be formatted as an RGB JPEG (or Grayscale JPEG if your image is black and white).
  • Your final image file should be 3″ x 2″ if horizontally-oriented (900 x 600 pixels at 300 dpi), or vice-versa if vertically-oriented.
  • If your gift tag will be horizontally-oriented, use this product. If it will be vertically-oriented, use this product.
  • Be sure to click “View Back” after you have uploaded your front-of-card image.
    • This will take you to a pull-down menu where you can select the format for the back of your card.
    • If you select the second choice, you’ll be able to upload the full-bleed back-of-tag image file we’ve provided for you here.
    • Of course, you can always create your own back-of-tag design.
    • Or choose the first, blank option for a completely blank tag back.

Our back-of-tag design includes a light mark for placement of a hole-punch if you would like to use ribbon to attach your tags.

Order before December 31st and use Cardstore’s Friends and Family discount (code: FRIEND15) to save 15%!

Happy holidays from february 13 creative!