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A Special Card to Honor a Special Life

The Finished Product!

kate-spain-2 is pleased to feature Artist Guest Blogger Kate Spain.  To see Kate’s collection of Holiday Cards and Greeting Cards, click here.

One day this August, I received an e-mail from a woman named Deloris in Mississippi through Cardstore’s site, which links to featured artists’ websites.

In her note to me, Deloris explained that her community of Greenville, Mississippi, had lost a great friend and leader this year, Malcolm Carl Walls, Sr. She and her friends were planning a memorial service in Malcom’s honor coinciding with the annual Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival that Malcolm had helped start and build into a world-famous annual event.

They needed a special card to send out for the event and asked me if I would design it.

It’s not every day that I get to connect with a consumer on such a personal level. I’m so glad that Deloris and I did. But it wouldn’t have happened without Cardstore. Everyone there, from CEO Marty Reed to Katy in Design to Tiffany in Marketing, really made it work.

Cardstore CEO and Chairman Marty Reed shared his thoughts on Deloris’ special request:

“We were inspired by Deloris and her friends’ efforts and by Malcolm’s work in raising the Mississippi Delta Blues Festival. Like Kate Spain, we wanted to pitch in. So Kate created a great custom design, and we produced it on the finest quality cards and had them delivered to Deloris’ door.”

Deloris shared with me and Cardstore that Malcolm Carl Walls, Sr., was an inspiring leader in MACE (Mississippi Action for Community Education, Inc.) over the past 3 decades involved in empowering poor and disadvantaged citizens within its service area by developing their individual and collective capacities to effect social and economic change and improvements within their lives and communities.

One of the more renowned projects that Malcolm took from vision to fruition was the regional blues festival, which has now become the world-famous Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival. Starting out as the producer and director of the event, Malcolm grew it into what it is today by building on the strengths of everyone in the region and bridging the region with the greater blues community. Thirty years since its first trial run under the guidance of Malcolm, the festival is recognized as one of the top arts and tourism events in the southeastern United States, attracting more than 10,000 attendees and participants annually.

Cardstore and I were very happy to help Deloris and her community get the right card to celebrate and honor this inspiring man.

The Finished Product!

The Finished Product!

  1. Deloris Franklin #

    Wow! I am so grateful to Kate and the team at Cardstore for helping us celebrate and remember Malcolm Carl Walls Sr. with such a beautiful card for his Headstone Installation Service. Even though Kate and I never spoke on the phone we were constantly in touch with each other by e-mail getting the job done. Kate is really a true professional with her work because the outcome of her task was very successful. I’m e-mailing everyone in my address book to patronize Kate and the team. The card designed for our ceremony is a true testimony that they do great work just by getting in touch with them – so let’s support this team. They have other cards also for your viewing and purchasing. Keep up the good work guys and thanks for everything.

    October 26, 2009
  2. Elizabeth Webb #

    Thank you, Kate and the entire Cardstore family for the extremely thoughtful tribute to my brother Malcolm. Ms. Franklin shared with me how you connected, what a wonderful story! Our family will be eternally grateful for the atonishing, creative card you designed that was so beffiting of Malcolm. It was perfect. It reflected your creativity, skills, talent, professionalism and generosity beyond measure. I will be singing your praises and refering Cardstore for everyone’s card needs. We appreciate you, keep up the great work.

    October 31, 2009
  3. Elizabeth Webb #

    Thank you, Kate and the entire family for your wonderful contribution to our Headstone ceremony for Malcom. Ms. Franklin shared with me how she and Kate connected , what a story! The card design and quality are astounding ,so beffiting of Malcolm. It was pefect. Your work displays creativity, skill, talent, and professionalism beyond measure. Our family is eternally grateful for the kind inspirational words in your blog and the generosity shown in this effort. I can’t stop singing your praise and will refer everyone to for all their card needs. I wish you continued success and keep up the great work.

    October 31, 2009
  4. Davida Walls #

    I would like to send my thanks and gratitude to the Cardstore website and staff for their service to our family. I cannot express to you how much this means to us for you to do something this special in our time of sorrow. I am Mr. Walls’ niece and i’m positive that he would’ve appreciated this very much! We all are going to miss him very much and again, my family and i thank you very much. You all are very special and may GOD bless you for this great act of kindness.

    R.I.P. Uncle Malcolm

    October 31, 2009
  5. Gregory Walls #

    I want to express my profound gratitude to and staff for the beautiful cards you created and provided for the Headstone Dedication honoring my brother, Malcolm Carl Walls, Sr. His passing has left us in a state of loss and bewilderment, but your contribution to the ceremony helped so much to give a sense of “specialness” and comfort to the event. You see, he was a special and unique man who loved a “great” production. Your cards helped to make it just that! Thank you so much, and be assured your company will be recommended to all.

    November 2, 2009

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