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Halloween Costume Safety Tips

It’s official- Halloween season is here! Hay bails stacked with pumpkins are firmly planted outside the local grocery store, talk of costume ideas is on the rise, and ‘Halloween’ is a trending topic on Twitter going on three days now.

Halloween seems like a favorite holiday for many people –and why not? It’s a time for kids (and adults) to eat sweets and play dress up! But as we gear up for costume shopping, it’s important to consider safety when choosing (or making) Halloween costumes for kids.

Here are some Halloween costume tips on safety that we gathered from a handful of trusted websites:

  • Check the label of costumes, wigs, and accessories to make sure they’re flame resistant. Many walkways are lit by decorative candles and jack-o-lanterns, posing a potential fire hazard.
  • Costumes should be well-fitting and short enough to prevent children from tripping and falling.
  • Props are fun, but make sure they’re made out of a soft and flexible material. A child may be easily hurt by these accessories if they stumble or trip.
  • Choose masks carefully: make sure that it fits securely, and the eyeholes are large enough so that it doesn’t obscure vision. Consider non-toxic make-up as an alternative to masks.
  • Children should wear well-fitting and sturdy shoes to prevent tripping, as well as for comfort.
  • Bright and reflective costumers are a plus. Consider adding reflective tape or striping to costumes and Trick-or-Treat bags for greater night time visibility.
  • Flashlights loaded with new batteries are always a fashionable accessory, and a safety must!

We hope you keep these safety tips in mind when you’re shopping for your Halloween costumes. We also encourage you to pick out something a little silly… stay tuned for our Silliest Halloween Costume contest- coming up next week!  And don’t forget to check out our new 2009 Collection of spooky Halloween invitations and greeting cards!

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Stylish Silhouettes

Silhouettes are a clear trend in design this year as evidenced in many of our birthday cards and thank you cards.  The silhouette seems to convey a touch of mystery and class.  For those of you like myself that have limited photography skills and equipment, I came across an interesting article that explains step-by-step how to take your own silhouette photos with a basic digital camera.  The article includes tips to help you choose a suitable background as well as simple techniques to help underexpose the foreground.  With just a few easy steps, you’ll be able to create your own silhouettes!

flower silhouette; Stylish Silhouettes

Create Your Own Silhouettes with tips from

A Modern Alternative to the Wedding Guestbook

When it comes to planning a wedding, modern couples must determine which wedding customs work for them and which ones they’re willing to forgo.  Certain customs are easier to skip (like giving your single ladies a reprieve by cutting the bouquet toss), whereas other ones are harder to ignore (yes, you really must send Aunt Martha a handwritten thank you note for those pea-green potholders).  One modern take on tradition is to have your guests sign a wedding poster instead of a guest book.  Leslie Hamer of Unless Someone Like You (who has a gorgeous line of Save the Date cards on our site) offers the most stylish wedding posters on her Etsy site (click here to visit).  Her creative posters are sure to inspire your guests to write something more creative than just their names, and the poster makes for a frame-able keepsake the bride and groom can frame and display for years to come.

wedding poster1; A Modern Alternative to the Wedding Guestbook

Wedding Posters from Unless Someone Like You

What’s In Your Bag?

Maybe it’s the nosy-nelly in me, but I’m always curious to see what people carry in their bags.  I feel a peek into someone’s purse is almost a window into their soul (or at least their daily routine).  So I was thrilled when I saw Delphine artist Erika Firm’s day bag profiled in today’s Designing Moms entry (click here to see what’s inside her bag).  Being ‘creative, cool’ Erika, the inside of her bag is as stylish and colorful as the outside, and it contains quite a few items that have just been added to my wish list (including her adorable Orla Liely wallet).  She had better be careful next time she visits the office with that bag, as it might just magically walk off and find itself a new home!

erika bag 300x232; Whats In Your Bag?

Click the photo to visit Designing Moms and see what's in Erika's bag!

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

We were tickled to see that one of our lovely artists’ bridesmaid cards was recently featured on the Wedded Bits blog.  Wedded Bits offers bridal advice and planning tips for the bride-to-be and we love their idea of using Tori Higa’s line of cards to send personalized notes to one’s bridesmaids. What a beautiful way for a bride to honor those special gals in her life.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

bridesmaid 201x300; Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Bridal Party Cards from Tori Higa at

Holiday Cards from TamTam Design is happy to now offer holiday cards, invitations and thank you cards from Louie-award winning TamTam Design. Tami Rasmussen, the talented artist behind the brand, has created greeting cards that are fresh and modern with a girlie twist for her new Cardstore collection.  From wreaths and snowmen to holly and ivy, her designs are downright adorable!

tam tam 300x300; Holiday Cards from TamTam Design

Holiday Cards from TamTam Design

Decorate Your Desk

Looking around my desk, I see way too much black and gray and very little color.  But after seeing these bright desk accessories from Henry Road highlighted on Papercrave, I’m inspired to add a pop of color to my drab desk. I can just imagine how cute all my friends’ personal cards will look in that cheerfully stylish business card holder!

businesscardholder 1; Decorate Your Desk

Business Card Holder from Henry Road

New Artists Red Oak Press and Hammerpress is pleased to announce the launch of two new collections – Red Oak Press and Hammerpress.  Red Oak Press’ well-rounded collection is created by Leslie Kedash, a multi-talented graphic designer based in Pennsylvania.  Her sophisticated style is sure to win the hearts of many Cardstore customers.  Hammerpress, based in Kansas City, Missouri, is designed by Brady Vest and his team of artists.  Their trademark bold and fun typography graces their fantastic debut holiday cards.  Take a look and let us know what you think!

hammerpressd blog collage 300x300; New Artists Red Oak Press and Hammerpress

New Cardstore Artists - Hammerpress and Red Oak Press

Stylish Egg Cup Planters

Design*Sponge has done it again.  They managed to take something simple like egg cups and make them into beautiful decorations.  It’s a DIY project that even the least craftiest (like myself) can’t mess up.  All you need are 3 items and a touch of a green thumb.  Click here for the easy DIY instructions.  I can just imagine how adorable these would look on my sunny (and currently empty) kitchen windowsill!

egg cups; Stylish Egg Cup Planters

DIY Egg Cup Planters from Design*Sponge

Thank You Cards That Make Us Smile

We received one of the nicest thank you cards from Mary Stuart Masterson and Jeremy Davidson.  The two are ‘in the family way’ and enjoyed using our gender-neutral but still adorable pink and blue Tori Higa stationery.  We’re huge fans of classic 80’s movies, so the office agreed receiving the note was ‘some kind of wonderful’!

mary s thank you 300x260; Thank You Cards That Make Us Smile

Photo via