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To celebrate the Week of Hope (Sept. 1-8, 2009), is sponsoring the Hope Stationery Giveaway.  Five lucky winners will receive a set of 25 personalized thank you cards from

To enter, just leave a comment on this blog post telling us who you’re sending your Hope card to.

For additional entries:

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The giveaway ends on Tuesday, September 8th at midnight, EST so be sure to get all your entries in before then!


Spreading Hope and Brotherly Love Through Greeting Cards

In anticipation of the Week of Hope, which kicks off on Tuesday, there’s been a lot of talk around the office about who people are sending their free Hope greeting cards to.   Once I heard about the program, I knew exactly who would be on the receiving end of mine, my sister.  I’m four years older than she is, and I think it is fair to say I was a little hard on her throughout our childhood (aren’t older brothers supposed to pick on their sisters?).  She has recently been going through some difficult times and I thought I would try and cheer her up a little.  I found this perfect card from Lilla Rogers… although I hope it doesn’t cause any flashbacks from when I held her upside down in our tree house.  I added a photo of us on summer vacation in 1984 (I can’t believe I wore shorts that short!) and a message saying that if she can survive me as a kid, she can get through anything.  It may not change her situation, but hopefully it will brighten her day.

Lilla Roger's Greeting Card from the Hope Collection

Lilla Roger's Greeting Card from the Hope Collection’s Hope Video

Watch our video to see why we’re getting behind ‘Hope Is In The Cards':


Artist Guest Blogger: Motormouth Press is pleased to feature Artist Guest Blogger, Laurie Coughlin of Motormouthpress.  To see Laurie’s collection, click here.

When my eyes gaze upon sweet treats, I can’t help but smile in delight. My love is the same whether it is a store bought ice cream sandwich or a warm donut right out of the deep fryer. And two days ago, it was a chocolate covered cream puff from a new store specializing in what else? Cream puffs. So, it is no surprise that sweet treats are conspicuously my stationery theme of choice.

When asked why sweet treats are my inspiration, I usually say because I like them so much.  It is a short concise answer, and our graphic design professor once told us that you can’t argue with “I like it.” When someone asks why something taste so good, a lot of times you hear, “It’s just good” or “I don’t know, I just like it.”

But when asked to guest write a blog entry, I thought I should let you know that I correlate my sweet stationery subject matter with some of my early childhood experiences. Growing up, my siblings and I were not allowed to go crazy swallowing up spoonfuls of sugary cereals and eat candy whenever we pleased.

It was given to us as a reward for good behavior, like when I transitioned to the big potty during toilet training. Of course, our reward of 3 Plain M&Ms was taken away when my brother realized we could steal them whenever we wanted. We received them in times of celebration such as my 5th birthday, when I ate my first ice cream cake from Carvel. It also helped that I reminded my mom everyday. “I really want this cake, please?” We received candy on Halloween, Christmas and Easter holidays. Need I say more?!

Eventually, we learn that giving them can be just as fun as receiving them. I think my mom was really happy that I did indeed use my Easy Bake Oven until she became the sole recipient of all my frosted mini cake creations. Sweet treats are also fun to eat with others. Sitting on the front steps with my brother while licking our popsicles was one of the few times we would hold an automatic and very temporary truce.

Sometimes you can’t go to your local drive-inn where the car hops bring your order to the car window. You just aren’t able catch up and sip on homemade root beer floats that come in frosted glass mugs and nibble on beer-battered fried cheese curds with a friend. But you want to share this moment in time, and it is my hope that my food-themed greeting cards and stationery help bridge this gap and satisfy your stationery sweet tooth.


The Hope Collection – A Sneak Peek!

To support the Hope Is In The Cards movement, is unveiling their Hope Collection Tuesday, September 1st.  This collection features photo cards, encouragement cards, friendship cards, and notecards from some of our favorite artists.  Be sure to visit during September 1st-7th to personalize your free Hope card and have it printed and sent to anyone you choose at no charge to you!

To get you excited about spreading hope, here’s a sneak peek of just a few of the cards and artists included in our Hope Collection:




To preview the entire collection, visit us on Facebook.’s Back to School Stationery Sale


In honor of the Back to School season, is offering free shipping on all orders over $25!  To take advantage of this offer, just enter promo code BACK2SCHOOL at checkout.  It’s a great opportunity to stock up on mommy cards, personalized thank you cards, and photo cards.  The offer ends August 31, 2009 so shop now!

My Mom Is On Facebook!

At the end of my senior year of high school, an older friend told me that facebook was the myspace for college students and that I absolutely had to get one.   Soon after I created my facebook, my younger friends began getting one too, which seemed natural since it was such a good networking tool.  Never would I have imagined, however, that messages would start popping up on my News Feed that I had “5 friends in common” with my best friend’s mom. I began getting friend requests from people like the PTA President of my high school, old elementary school teachers, and my parents’ friends.  I even saw the topic broached on ABC News of grandparents joining Facebook.  Then, the moment I knew would come, my mother came up under my “Suggestions” for friends.  I had been dreading this for a long time; what college student wants their mother to be able to follow them on facebook?  Not only that, but I had to teach her how to work “the facebook”: how to post messages, upload pictures, and even “become a fan” of people like Obama or companies like  But besides the technical part, it’s better than I could have imagined. My mom is content knowing what’s going on in my life and I’m happy because she doesn’t have to ask as many questions.  I just hope she doesn’t figure out how to follow me on Twitter too!

Become a Fan -!

Become a Fan -!

The Birthday Card’s In The Mail

I recently spent 3 years living in Shanghai, and to make sure the birthday cards I sent back to the US arrived in time, I set up quite a detailed process.  First,  I’d have to start my birthday card search a month in advance.  It’s probably no surprise that the Shanghai english greeting card selection was quite paltry, and it usually consisted of designs straight out of the 70’s partnered with an interesting use of the english language.  Once I found a semi-decent card, I’d then trek out to the post office 3 weeks early just to make sure it had a chance of arriving within a week of the actual birthday.  If this schedule was ever off, even by a day or two, I’d end up sending a birthday email letting people know their card was literally on a slow boat from China.  That’s why one of the coolest things about is you can actually direct mail cards internationally, no matter where you are.  If I had known I could have just gone online, personalized one of their greeting cards or photo cards, and then had it sent directly to my recipient, I could have saved a bunch of time and hassle.

Pass On Neighborly Love Through Cards

One of our favorite blogs, design*sponge, recently blogged about the Mysterious Letters project, which tracked 2 residents of Cushendall, Ireland as they sent personal, handwritten notes to the 467 people in their village. The purpose of the notes (to ‘prompt neighbourly discussion’ and ‘promote community curiousity’) immediately reminded me of the Hope Is In The Cards movement, since both promote the idea of spreading positive thoughts by sending unexpected greeting cards to family, friends and neighbors.  The best part is you don’t have to be a resident of Cushendall to spread hope through personalized cards or letters.  Just visit during the ‘Week of Hope’ (September 1-7, 2009) to personalize your own free card from our Hope Collection and we’ll send anywhere (even Cushendall) at no charge to you. What better way to spread neighborly love or brighten someone’s day than by sending them a personalized greeting card from out of the blue!

It’s a Wrap

I am a big fan of bringing lunch to work, but I hate using plastic baggies as they’re not a very green product.  I’ve tried to use tupperware as much as possible, however sandwiches are a tight squeeze in even my flattest containers.  But Liberty at Designing Moms wrote about a practical, not to mention stylish, eco-friendly solution.  She has been using Wrap-N-Mats and is a huge fan!  The line offers reusable sandwich wrappers and snack pouches that are easy to wash and come in cool patterns that will appeal to kids and adults.  What a perfect find during the back to school season!