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One of the most exciting times at Cardstore is the addition of new artists and their unique designs. Therefore, is delighted to welcome Isabell’s Umbrella, Milo Paper, and Papeterie to the family! We’re sure you’ll love Isabell’s Umbrella’s cute animal illustrations, Milo Paper’s cnew-artists-blog1lassy holiday cards, and Papeterie’s innovative invitations!


Don’t Forget National Friendship Day!

National Friendship Day is August 2nd (this Sunday), so  I’ve decided to spend the day with my friend Molly, who was the first official college friend I made in the dorms my freshman year.  I can’t wait to customize this O+D friendship card for her with one of our many classic freshman year photos.  Here are a few other ideas to show your friends how much you care:

  • Stop by a local farmer’s market and pick up a big bunch of flowers or basket of fresh fruit and drop it on your friend’s doorstep
  • Call that out-of-town friend you’ve been meaning to catch up with but never seem to find the time to do so
  • Email an old friend one or two of your favorite memories together
  • Treat a friend to a picnic lunch or mani/pedis!

Whatever you do, be sure to acknowledge at least one of your friends that day, for as  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, ‘ The only way to have a friend is to be one.”

Keep Your Cool While Looking Cool

I have fond summer memories from my childhood where we’d head to the beach dragging our trusty green Igloo cooler filled with now vintage items like cans of RC cola, PB&J’s, and Charleston Chews.  Our cooler was a monster and not much to look at, but it did hold up through the 80’s and well into the 90’s before it was desginated to a corner of the basement and forgotten about.  Now that I’m planning beach trips of my own, I think it’s high time to get a cooler that’s as cute as my bathing suit!  Which is why I was excited to come across these stylish coolers from  Bungalow.  They’re bright and colorful and will be a perfect complement to any beach trip.

Bright Summer Coolers from Bungalow

Bright Summer Coolers from Bungalow

Birth Announcements for Baby Jane

Last week, my family welcomed the newest addition to our clan of 20-plus cousins: a baby named Jane, with a mop of black hair and legs so long they landed her in the top height quartile! Jane is my aunt Blaithin’s second child, and despite 2-year old Stephen’s pleas to ‘put Jane back in the cot, Mummy,’ she’s had her hands quite full. Since Blaithin (pronounced ‘Bla-heen’) & Co. are an ocean away in Ireland, I can’t help her out by babysitting, so I happily volunteered to order Jane’s birth announcements instead. I picked a few of my favorite photo birth announcements and Blaithin chose this adorable pink one from Driscoll Design. I personalized it with Jane’s impressive stats (8lb, 14oz!) and had mail them directly to our relatives in Ireland, all from the comforts of my couch in California. I’d like to think of myself as a remote personal assistant –that, or just a helpful niece.

Turning Fashion Magazines into Stylish Green Gifts

At, we do our part to keep our lifestyles as green as possible.  But we do have our indulgences (like printed fashion magazines) that are hard to give up.  So our ‘green sensors’ went off when Papercrave highlighted these chic bowls from Luckyou. They’re made from recycled magazines and many of them are assembled by women in townships of Capetown, South Africa.  Stylish, female empowering and eco-friendly, a perfect trifecta in our book!

Image via Papercrave

Image via Papercrave

New Feature – ‘Save for Later’

We’re excited about a new feature on called ‘Save for Later’.  This button appears throughout the card personalization process and allows you to save the  greeting card you’re building at any point so you can return to it at a later date.  It’s really handy if you don’t have time to finish your card or decide the photo just isn’t quite right and might need to be re-shot.  Once you return to your account, you can easily find your saved projects in your cart or in the ‘Manage Your Account’ section.  Happy Card Personalizing!



I just found the BEST baby gift for a friend of mine…it’s a wall poster by one of our artists, the very cool and talented Tara Hogan of INK+WIT.  This gem will look amazing in a baby’s nursery and when the little tyke is a toddler it could serve as a neat way to learn the ABC’s.  And if that isn’t enough, it’s also printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with soy inks!  Thanks Tara – I know this gift will be a huge hit!

What Color Is Your Birthday?

We’ve had a lot of birthday cards being passed around our office this month, so when I came across this Colorstrology website, it was neat to see what colors corresponded to specific people’s birthdays.   How cute would it be to match the color of a card to a person’s specific birthday color?  I went through and found a few cards to correspond to people in the office (including yours truly):

Julie - July 4th, Lily Green

Julie - July 4th, Lily Green

Kristin - July 9th, Silver Pink

Kristin - July 9th, Silver Pink

Tiffany - July 21, Amber Glow

Tiffany - July 21st, Amber Glow

The Perfect Hostess Gift

With summer in full swing, it seems that there’s a never-ending stream of get togethers and parties taking place. And it’s probably no secret that a bottle of wine is one of the most popular hostess gifts among party-goers. But if you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd then consider presenting your wine in one of these brightly colored, insulated bottle totes. Made from the same material as wetsuits, these fun totes will keep a bottle of wine chilled for hours. And be sure to follow up after the party by sending your hostess a personalized thank you note – after all, nice manners are always appreciated!wine-tote

An Anniversary Card for Apollo 11

Since the first official moonwalk was viewed on televisions across the country 40 years ago, a lot has happened.  Our country has had multiple space missions, we’ve all been able to visit outer space through IMAX movies and films such as Apollo 13, even the King of Pop gave us his own interpretation of that groundbreaking moment.  But today, watching a basic, grainy video of the first moon landing, the awe-inspiring magnificence of the milestone is just as evident.  I found this astronaut greeting card from Great Arrow Graphics quite appropriate for the occasion!

Happy 40th Anniversary!

Happy 40th Anniversary Apollo 11!