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Not Your Grandma’s Hanky

Rosey Posey Hanky from

Handkerchiefs usually are grouped in the ‘old-fashioned, things that aren’t really used anymore’ category, like telegrams and rotary phones.  But there’s nothing old-fashioned about these adorably updated happy hanky handkerchiefs from  I can just imagine forgoing my typical, unstylish packet of disposable tissue for one of these bright hankies.  And since you’re not throwing anything away, the hankies are a lot more eco-friendly.  While the site offers fancy wedding day handkerchiefs, there’s also a cute, colorful line for everyday use.  This Rosey Posey one is my favorite, and definitely not dated or stuffy in any way!

rosey posey hanky 300x234; Not Your Grandmas Hanky
Rosey Posey Hanky from
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  1. Thanks for blogging about Happy Hanky! I loved creating this fun, fresh take on a classic accessory.

    August 25, 2009

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