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Skip the Apple – Give Custom Thank You Cards Instead

Aside from being Cinco de Mayo, May 5th is Teacher Appreciation Day! My mom’s a teacher, so I’ve seen firsthand how much work goes into educating our future leaders. So don’t forget to show those teachers some love! Whether it’s a gift certificate for a spa treatment or homemade cookies, they’re sure to appreciate gifts of all types. One of my favorite teacher gifts is personalized thank you cards customized with the teacher’s name. My mom is a primary school teacher, and she loves this old-school design from Delphine’s stationery.

Thank You Cards for Holly

Ever since my sister had her two boys, every present that comes to their house is undoubtedly for them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my nephews, but does that mean my sister doesn’t deserve presents any more? Now that she’s back at work, I figured she needed a little pick me up so I sent her these personalized thank you cards. They are super sleek and say “From the desk of Holly”. They totally fit her modern style and are 100% her own: she is Holly, not Ben and Garrett’s mom or Josh’s wife or the mom who’s picking up carpool on Tuesday. I was amazed how her face lit up when I handed over her long deserved gift that read To: Holly.

Introducing Cardstyle!


Welcome to the Cardstyle blog! We’ll be keeping all you readers updated on the cool things happening at Cardstore and will also be posting on “news you can use” topics such as etiquette, party/design ideas, time saving tips, and other cool stuff that is relevant to creative, stylish ladies on the go. So be sure to check in with us often!