World's Toughest JobProvides the Most Extraordinary Joy

American Greetings and Cardstore know that a Director of Operations’ impact is endless.
And so is the job description. Add to the unlimited list or responsibilities,
requirements and reasons why these professionals are of the highest order.

Job Description: Director of Operations

Area of Talent: Managers/Directors/Administrators
Position Type: Full-Time
Salary: Pro Bono/No-Pay


SpaceshipsLaserBeams @SpaceshipsLBCrisis management & patience are 2 skills I use for the #WorldsToughestJob http://spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com/blog/2014/05/boyish-charm/my-most-rewarding-job … @cardstore @amgreetings

Marina Oros @_Marinela@cardstore with parenting comes the art of persuasion: I promise that the broccoli will make you as strong as spiderman! #worldstoughestjob

Camille @CmlGill@cardstore Thankfully my crisis managemnts skills are pretty good and comes with a sense of humor! #WorldsToughestJob

Brandi H. @supergirlsaving@SITSGirls @cardstore A7: That I loved them unconditionally, intentionally, and forever! #WorldsToughestJob

lorene d @lorene4too@cardstore @SITSGirls q7 that I was always there for them and listened without judgement #worldstoughestjob

Miranda @mmirnanda@SITSGirls Q5 the toughest job is to have patience. It’s rewarding with hugs, kisses, & I love you’s.. #worldstoughestjob

Coffee and Whine @CoffeeandWhine@SITSGirls Patience! Tough at times,but so rewarding to watch my little ones use a more patient approach to frustration. #WorldsToughestJob

Jenna Buettemeyer @jmkbuett@SITSGirls @cardstore Sleep deprivation & paitence that is needed- but when u get hugs & kisses & know they adore u for it, its worth it!

Susan Losey @susanlosey a href=”https://twitter.com/susancookierookiebeclosey” target=”twitter”>@cookierookiebec a href=”https://twitter.com/_Marinela” target=”twitter”>@_Marinela No breaks EVER #worldstoughestjob

Jennifer Sorenson @ChikFood@SITSGirls @cardstore A2 Janitor

Lesa Moats @lesaann98@cardstore Q2. the everything person #WorldsToughestJob

Aisha Holley @Msbelisario@SITSGirls No sick leave too! #WorldsToughestJob

Stockpiling Moms @stockpilingmoms#worldstoughestjob @SITSGirls @CardStore

Becky Branch @beckylbranch@SITSGirls @cardstore #WorldsToughestJob I would add ATM. Ha ha! My son is always asking for $ for toys & he’s 4!!!

Lua Naquin @MissLuluBlogs@SITSGirls @Cardstore Q2 @cardstore Nerves of steel! #worldstoughestjob

Keziah Gibbons @Gods_Smile2@SITSGirls @cardstore Patient #worldstoughestjob

Anastasia Borisyuk @EcoBlogz@SITSGirls @cardstore A2: Must be willing to do night shifts for several years in a row #WorldsToughestJob

Lea C. @shhimwriting@cardstore A2: chauffer, calendar, personal assistant #worldstoughestjob

Becky Hardin @cookierookiebec@susanlosey so so true!! no sick days!#worldstoughestjob

Shelley King Ellis @shelkingspmA: referee I’m always stepping in between two best friends. BOYS#worldstoughestjob

Holly Stanfield @HollyStanfield1#worldstoughestjob

Lua Naquin @MissLuluBlogs@SITSGirls @cardstore “Must be proficient in multi-tasking. Will need to handle a minimum of 5 tasks at once.” #worldstoughestjob ;)

Meadow @babymeadow@SITSGirls @cardstore PEACEMAKER! #worldstoughestjob

Betsy Barnes @bbpinktaz@SITSGirls @Cardstore Q2 @cardstore Nerves of steel! #worldstoughestjob

Anastasia Borisyuk @EcoBlogz@cardstore @SITSGirls Q2: Honed boduly fluids clean-up experience required! #WorldsToughestJob

Susan Smith @susan1215#WorldsToughestJob Q2 Must love unconditionally

AM @vampiregoddess8@SITSGirls @Cardstore A2 just remember to be realistic #WorldsToughestJob

Amy Camin @AmyCamin@SITSGirls @Cardstore Q2: Nurse, maid, and chef, and gardener, handyman, etc #worldstoughestjob

angela meek @angelasbnb@SITSGirls @cardstore A2 Must have nerves and a tummy of steel! #worldstoughestjob

Tara Leinen @tleinen21@SITSGirls A 2: Yes a disclosure, Be prepared to be pooped on, thrown up on, Spit up on, Cried on, and more! #WorldsToughestJob

Jeannett @jeannettgA2: advocate and instant expert (especially if you have a child with special/medical needs).#worldstoughestjob

brawlinbaby @brawlinbaby@SITSGirls @Cardstore Q2 Requirement: Training associates; supporting and encouraging a good work ethic #WorldsToughestJob

Dandy Giveawa @dandygiveaway@SITSGirls @cardstore And a pretty darn good attorney, too. #worldstoughestjob

Suzanna @onehooliemama@SITSGirls @cardstore A2: able to function with little to no sleep #worldstoughestjob

Ms. Christian @cmrmslsl@cardstore Q2 I’d add chauffeur, laundry maiden, and boo boo fixer! #worldstoughestjob

Ashley Doyle Pooser @ashleydpooser@SITSGirls @cardstore A2: Must be willing & able to advocate on behalf of clients. (Esp. w/ special needs involved) =) #worldstoughestjob

Melissa Agelson @mom321@SITSGirls @cardstore q2 Hard worker! My mom works her butt off! #worldstoughestjob

diana @diana_is_hereQ2 you have to be an inventor to be a mom#WorldsToughestJob

Anna Pry @DaPryz@SITSGirls @cardstore Q2 be able to stretch a dollar #WorldsToughestJob

Martina @GREATfulMOMents@sitsgirls q2 jane (or rather Martina) of all trades…#worldstoughestjob @cardstore

Zεrinα Grαcε @ZerinaGrace@SITSGirls Q2 Must be able to use hands and feet to balance kids, phone, laundry basket and skillet all at the same time #WorldsToughestJob

Ali @Serenefairy_2@SITSGirls @cardstore Q2: multitasker for sure #WorldsToughestJob

Sherry Fowler @fowler121600@SITSGirls @Cardstore 2. mystical #WorldsToughestJob

Rana Durham @RanaDurham@SITSGirls @cardstore Q2/A2: A solider for love #worldstoughestjob

Hāley M Rankins @haleyrankins@cardstore She’s a wardrobe consultant, party promoter, childrens rights advocate, cat whisperer …overall magician #WorldsToughestJob

Sarah @Princess_SaraK5@cardstore therapist, mechanic, nurse, chef, bodyguard, financial coordinator, person shopper, role model, angel=all in 1 #WorldsToughestJob

Steven Branco @SBranc0@amgreetings @cardstore She is a role model, team player/leader, trustworthy, loving and AMAZING. I would even suggest the title of CEO!

MariaRose Goldman @DozenMariaRoses@cardstore She is a devoter to her family, a healer in her job as an RN, and living angel to whomever she meets. She is the greatest.

Katie @kpg1808@cardstore definitely the early days of sleep depravation. Esp with colic for 7 weeks like my lg. Worth every second, despite the poor pay!!

Mombi @MaynanMombi@cardstore bodyguard! #worldstoughestjob

Danielle @mrskrouse08@cardstore #worldstoughestjob must include not freaking out over the first real boo-boo! pic.twitter.com/TP1psblFRu

Danielle @mrskrouse08@cardstore must be able to make hilarious jokes during dinner and be really good at cleaning chubby cheeks! pic.twitter.com/t3DLAVmGGm

Dolli Q. Gold @dollimama@cardstore add “waste management”? (i see boogers…)

Carson Tate @thecarsontate@cardstore honors millions of #productivity experts managing #time & space 24/7/365 in this #innovative campaign: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HB3xM93rXbY

Mombi @MaynanMombi@cardstore financial advisor. #frozendolls #elsa #worldstoughestjob pic.twitter.com/0REGWXurTp

Mombi @MaynanMombi@cardstore ultimate tea party attendee. Enthusiasm shown towards the hostess is a must. #worldstoughestjob pic.twitter.com/Hii9vhcEvI

Mombi @MaynanMombi@cardstore arts and crafts supervisor (#fail) #worldstoughestjob /pic.twitter.com/WSfm2HkmI3

Mombi @MaynanMombi@cardstore Please tell me that ‘crisis management’ is on the list. Unhappy associates = no bueno #worldstoughestjob pic.twitter.com/BSyl8NittA

Kate @justyogakate#WorldsToughestJob. Ability to take withstand pain

Ivy Wanda Sthefvanie @Iphiink#worldstoughestjob :
Responsibility is the requirement. No break avaiable, no vacation, no… (w/ Dave) [vid] — https://path.com/p/3tgFh5

Gina Fieldss @PMGGina#WorldsToughestJob Requirement: Master Chef – Can cook like Giada De Laurentiis @GDeLaurentiis! Check it out—> http://youtu.be/HB3xM93rXbY

Nyla Tai @NylaTai@cardstore #worldstoughestjob Sounding board day or night! Gives unsolicited advice and can read between the lines when advice is wanted!

Sylvan Learning @SylvanLearning@cardstore for a eye-opening video about the #worldstoughestjob. Add Chief Education Officer to the list! http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/24-people-who-applied-worlds-toughest-job-were-quite-surprise-157028 …

Annie Sunny @Underthesun19#WorldsToughestJob The quality to find the missing things magically @cardstore

Jena Kingsley @jenakingsley@cardstore oh. And I’d add constant anxiety! You never stop worrying about your kids :)

Alicia Dupree @AliciaDupree@cardstore probably adding my other 50+ hour/week “job” to the mix – which, ironically, is actually “Director of Operations…” #workingmama

Katie Newman Stygles @sOPERAnohttp://youtu.be/HB3xM93rXbY #worldstoughestjob #twosetsoftwins

Noem Lardizabal-Dado @mombloggerLeave your career to devote full time RT @cctrainor: thanks for sharing! What did we leave off of the job description?#worldstoughestjob

justWink @justWinkCards@cardstore how about: eliminator of sticky, gooey and drippy hazardous spills. #worldstoughestjob

justWink @justWinkCards@cardstore we got a job requirement to add to your list: personal stylist! #worldstoughestjob

H Nelson Tracey @DrivingNelson@cardstore Also in the description: primary supporter and advocate of following your dreams, financial backing required #worldstoughestjob

HeatherPaulsons @HeatherPaulsons#WorldsToughestJob Requirement: Master Chef – Can cook like Giada De Laurentiis @GDeLaurentiis! Check it out—> http://youtu.be/HB3xM93rXbY

Amanda Murphy @AmandasPitch@cardstore Cleaning the most chunky, stinky & gooey of ‘hazardous waste’ from carpet, car seats, fido’s hair… #worldstoughestjob

Megan @SuperMommyMegan@amgreetings Ability to break out in song at any given moment, working knowledge of kitchens ;) @cardstore

Mombi @MaynanMombi@cardstore therapist!

Nicole @nstudly@cardstore must carry a 30lb bag full of toys, tissues, random food items and a change of clothes…24 hours a day @worldstoughestjob

Mary @maryturner_@cctrainor Must be able to accept negative feedback, both specific and general, from Associate(s) and peers. #worldstoughestjob

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  1. e says:

    Awwww! #worldstoughestjob indeed.

  2. bella says:

    personal taxi,finacial backup, personal shopper, nurse

  3. al says:

    Is there a version with spanish subtittles ?

  4. Barbara N. says:

    I would only add: Educational Tutor. Did homework w/ my boys from day one. Now I have a high school honor student and a middle school gifted student. Loved this and when I shared it with these boys, they both cried at the celebration of their Mom. Thanks.

  5. Kendra Prieto says:

    My added requirement is that I’m mommy and daddy of 4 budding children.. It’s hard, very hard at times. Sometimes I wonder how we are going to make it, but your video reminded me that I have a very important job, the most important job in the world. Thank you for that video and the encouragement it gave me. I laughed and then I cried.

  6. Liesbeth says:

    And you must like it!

  7. Ralitsa Iordanova says:

    You could add ‘no time to go to the bathroom’ along with ‘no time to eat’
    Also a diving license is a must
    And the salary is actually the associate’s smile which is really a lot
    The video is awesome, thank you

  8. I can handle it.. I drive Taxi in Sweden ;)

  9. Rowan says:

    How about mentioning that while there’s no pay, there is a huge opportunity for future investments, longterm repayment and pension provided by all satisfied clients? (as in, the “clients” could never do enough to repay the service provided to them by the “director”?)

  10. Tee says:

    Just wished all mums met this requirements!

    • Rachel Hurt says:

      I am sorry that you haven’t had this experience in your life. I am a mom of one would love to adopt you :) even as a friend

  11. Candace Gavan says:

    Yes, being a mom is a LOT of work, but I like to think of it as a blessing rather than a job!

  12. Kristin says:

    Adds: Financial supporter, personal advocate, psychologist, motivational speaker, domestic engineer, comptroller, medical triage, life coach, hazmat specialist, executive chef, procurement, logistics, and supply chain management, interior decorator, landscaper, gardener, director of research, and arbitrator.

  13. Steph says:

    don’t forget about putting your creatacard app in the canadian itunes store

  14. nan says:

    Almost impossible to do the job perfectly, all the time. The only “possible” promotion is to grandmother.

  15. Ruth says:

    Loved his video a lot! I started laughing but ended crying! Love my mom! And I love my 3 associates! I wouldn’t trade any of it. NONE.period.

  16. Often in the caos of life the most important things in life are overlooked! I love my Mommy!!! :-)

  17. Sharon Miller says:

    My mom was awesome also and I had her until just a few years ago. I tried to show her often how much she meant to me now I’m not so sure I got the message out to her. Love to heaven and back mom.

  18. Nick Frolos says:

    How about doing this the Dad’s?

  19. Monje says:

    This is the best job interview ever. This is genius. Thank you sooo much. You brought tears to my eyes

  20. I have looked up to say thank you on this personally. So, thanks so much for this soooo true message. It made me cry like if “finally someone understood!!”. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  21. The ability to plan the perfect party and pay out of pocket for everything….. #worldstoughestjob

  22. BK says:

    Brilliant … indeed the world’s toughest job!

  23. UP says:

    thank you for this ad! it feels wonderful to be appreciated. i have put a high flying career on hold, taken a lot of flak from relatives and friends for doing so, suffered numerous body ailments, gone through a divorce, you name it. i hardly ever eat a meal sitting down and average 5 hours of sleep. but i have never doubted the devotion to my kids. i truly cherish those heartfelt hugs and “i love you” cards that they make for me. i’m not alone, i see it all around me whether mothers stay with kids or go to work, they are all heroes.

  24. Kyra says:

    The best Job I’ve ever been hired to do! Thank You God for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime!

  25. It may be true that it is the toughest job, but over all THE MOST REWARDING BY FAR! And it is the only thing men aren’t able to do. ;)

  26. rosita says:

    Today is my son’s 17th Birthday! I could not imagine not having the best job of my life….. Loving him and and his sister! Thank you for giving me my life, my love and my everything! I couldn’t have asked for more!!! I love you both so very very much!

  27. Jo says:

    How about these: teacher/principal, REFEREE, handy-mom, repair technician, seamstress, consultant, secretary, computer repair technician, professional driver /delivery person, counselor, Judge (and jury:)).

  28. Deborah says:

    The most beautiful video ever! It reminds everyone of the importance of motherhood!

  29. Kudos to the content marketing team at cardstore.com – a very clever idea and execution! Nice work.

  30. Brenda- Mom of 5 says:

    The salary says $0.. However, the reward for raising your children to be productive adults is priceless!!!!

  31. And also hold down a full time (paid) job!!

  32. Zak says:

    This was absolutely amazing!!! Is there an exact transcript available for this? I’d really enjoy printing it out to share with those who may not be able to see the video. Thank you!

  33. Emily says:

    Every now and again you get a pat on the back. It definitely is the toughest job. Especially single parenthood.

  34. Betty Calvert says:

    Bettysays,no monetary pay, true, but the rewards go on and on, Iam great grandma to three beautiful teens,and have lived a long life to enjoy all three generations of beautiful ,loving, productive people. An amazing tribute! Thank you.

  35. Gloria says:

    At the time I didn’t realize all the endless and sometimes thankless work and constant worry.. would bring about the gift of my beautiful grandchildren, being raised by loving, caring and nurturing parents that were
    my children… Yes it was all worth it, however, now my concerns begin again as the cycle of life continues….

  36. Terrill Scott says:

    I wish that the video didn’t start of by telling us it was a joke, because this was awesome. Somehow for Mother’s Day I have to get my mom’s to see this video

  37. sheri harrington says:

    Another requirement is ” letting go” that’s tough to do too! Mine are 18 and 21 and I have to remember they are adults now.

  38. amanda says:

    Peacekeeper and negotiator. Night watchman.

  39. Diane says:

    Payment is hugs, kisses, and watching your investments (your kids) flourish. Moms are also teacher of manners, social skills, and responsibility. Must be able to NOT be squeamish about bodily functions or vomit. Must be prepared to catch any of the functions described above in your hands. Must also be prepared to clean any of these functions while still asleep, and scrub it from carpets, sheets, etc. Also must be able to memorize any Disney movie or song and act out the scene in exact replication……..many times in a day over many months. Must be able to function on 3 hours sleep.

  40. Mariorami says:

    Great video and very creative. Thank you!

    Would you be willing to add subtitles in Spanish if i sent you the translation. That would be great. In fact, i already have the script.

    Just let me now how i can sent it.


  41. Angie says:

    I love this! I would add cheerleader, problem solver, chef. I think there should be a Father’s Day one too :) Must hold another job and give your paycheck to this one. Must be available at all times, even when working the other job. Mechanic skills, be able to fix anything that breaks, protect from anything, coach all sports, grill master. The list goes on. I love what you guys are doing!

  42. Sandra says:

    oohh so true!!!!!

  43. Terry DeGrafinreid says:

    Soooo real and true

  44. Lonni says:

    Source of unconditional love.
    Thank you for this recognition – it brought tears to my eyes.

  45. Nadine Buchholtz says:

    I just wish I mom was still here to send her this card. Just to give you an idea how long I have been away from home, I am 72. You never, ever quit appreciating your mom. There were six of us, she never quit.

  46. This video was great and THANK YOU! I am a proud mom and watched this with Michelle – my 7 year old and her jaw dropped and said “WOW – how right he is Mom does tons for us and you don’t get paid.” I laughed saying – no one can replace you and you know I always an here and love you un endlessly through hard times and fun times.”

  47. Tina says:

    Nice tear jerking to start off my morning…thank you card store.

  48. MIchele says:

    So true for moms, so if you have a mother give her praise ever day, God bless you.

  49. Veronica says:

    I did this x’s 5 (solo) and always say I’m CEO of a household. Wish it was appreciated more than it is.

  50. Annette Ruvo says:

    don’t forget to add home baker at 9:00 at night when your child tells you its his turn to bring snacks to school.

  51. Annette Ruvo says:

    have all of you who are lucky like me to still have your mom called or gone to see her for no reason and hugged and thanked her. I’m 53 yrs old and still hug and kiss my parents hello and goodbye. Hope all of you have made her a card here at the cardstore with pics of you and her or you and your kids. Some people have psoted on other sites that it was cruel and just a way to get you to buy cards and it isn’t just that it is to thank your mom for all she has done for you and still will do for you. Even after she has gone to heaven she will still be watching out for you jsut like my gram does for her mom

  52. annette says:

    i have been watchin g this video everyday for the last 4 days, have yet to seen it on TV

  53. annette says:

    sing along with strwaberry shortcake videos while we also have strawberry shortcake tea parties

  54. Fran says:

    Not being able to say Thanks again to my Mom in heaven-and hug her.

  55. Elaine says:

    I wish e-mails could be sent to heaven so I could send one more Mother’s Day card to her.

  56. Dianne says:

    this actually brought tears to my eyes, everything said was absolutely true, how do we say “thank you”????
    there just aren’t enough words!

  57. FRANKIE says:

    wow!!! all i can say is: AMEN!!!!

  58. Marilyn says:

    If my mother was still living I would send her a card. I am 81. Seven of my eight children are living. I have 15 grandchildren and 1 great-grandson. I cried while viewing the video. That is so awesome.

  59. Mom. says:

    I hope she comes through this week’s surgery and recovers fully to continue shouldering these millions of responsibilities. I love me.

  60. Sharon says:

    A perfectly, awesome video honoring a mother; simply SENSATIONAL!!! Like, absolutely loved it!!

  61. This video is just great and a very creative one!!!! Congratulations!! We’ll distribute it in our Youtube channel setting reference to your webiste.
    Thank you so much for everything you do moms!!

  62. Carlos says:

    I replay this video a lot , I hope it makes people more conscious of the sacrifices that most mothers make for us. I hope you can make the same kind of thoughtfull, beautifull video for Fathers Day.

  63. cindy says:

    A lifetime supporter ,a loving advocate, the shoulder to cry on, secrets to share with no one else but her, a true giver of everything, send this to heaven………………

  64. Louis says:

    Please post English subtitle,i need it,thanks

  65. Seriously the best video I have ever watched. Kudos Cardstore!

  66. Having a tough stomach for all the spit up, boogie noses and poopy diapers!

  67. Ree says:

    Yes we are..and now am I Blessed to be a Grandmother! Thank You Moms!!!

  68. Tracy28 says:

    Some ideas (in addition to all of the very wonderful parts of being a mom!) are….
    1. Conflict resultion (for fighting siblings),
    2. Cheerleader and motivator (for participation in activites and sports with both positive and negative outcomes… i.e. sometimes last place happens, or you don’t make the team!),
    3. “Receiver of Fashion Critique”… eg. “Mom, ew, what did you do to your hair?!?” or “That shirt does NOT look good on you mom!”
    4. Queen-of-Patience when, for example, at 9:30pm you learn that there is a school test tomorrow.

  69. samrkirk says:

    Flawless execution, demanding, fast paced, quick turnaround, endless deadlines.

  70. Pam Smith says:

    Can you please contact me about the copyrights to this?

  71. rosie posie says:

    Yes, my mom homeschooled all 7 of her beautiful children!!! LOVE YOU, MOM!

  72. leonorsansano says:

    me ha gustado mucho el video. .es precioso y muy cierto

  73. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been on call as “director of operations for 7 years now. No sick days, no vacations, no bathroom breaks, able to keep my associates under control as they tend to have caotic attitudes.

  74. Patricia says:

    Parenting is on the job training. You are a ‘jack of all trades’ and the ‘master’ of none! The rewards for a job well-done are tremendous though. What other job allows you to wear so many hats? We are entrusted with sheltering, clothing, protecting, feeding, teaching, encouraging, disciplining and/or administering to the needs, wants,and/or desires of our most natural, “natural resource.” The accolades for a job more rewarding are immeasurable. Hurray to our future leaders!!! Lest I should forget, “Yea for all you self-sacrificing parents too”!!!

  75. iamweary says:

    You must be a mind reader and sometimes a magician. Must be able to withstand unwanted criticism and still be able to smile. Thanks for such a great pick-me-up.

  76. carol says:

    i thought this was beautiful, awesome at first i thought is was a joke until the end very nice card

  77. justina cepeda says:

    The real challenge for me as a mom was when I had twins, and I already had two children at the time. There are times when it’s soon hard and I lose my self. But find myself in everyone of my children. Leaning that they all are individual’s and adapting to their specific personality.

  78. Amy Russell says:

    We are the corner stones of the foundation that up build these human beings into becoming respectful, kind, loving, patient, caring young adults………That being said, Love and show respect to your children and they in return will show the world how well you have taught them. We are the TEACHERS that make the Impact! – Mom

  79. Evette says:

    Great Video…

  80. Mom says:

    Personal advocate/ cheerleader ( even if you don’t 100%agree)
    Spiritual intersessor
    Personal motivational coach
    Life coach
    Sounding board
    Psychological coach
    Truth teller
    Best and worst friend

  81. Being a mom is a job that demands all of your devotion, love, selflessness, and LOTS OF PRAYER!!! I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!!! God allows us to love and nurture His precious little ones . . . what an awesome privilege and blessing!! May God Bless all Mom’s around the world!! Phil. 4:13

  82. Melanie Ruscio says:

    Melanie R wrote: I was looking for an e-card to send to my niece and found this. I had only one child and I lost her almost 9 yrs ago at age 41 to melanoma. She was beyond gorgeous, a beautiful red-head and the only person on this planet that I ever truly loved! She had no children, but did have a great husband, who kept his wedding vows fully–including ‘in sickness and health’. He still calls me ‘Mom’–I never guessed how much I’d miss that. And, although I don’t agree with this, he’s not remarried. They were truly soul mates. I miss her every day, especially on Mother’s Day.

  83. Evelyn Robinson says:

    The deepest bond I have is with my children. I tried my best and I am getting paid tenfold back. They were and are such great children that all the work and sacrifice was worth it.

  84. Paola says:

    Un video muy emocionante, me sorprendió.
    La música es muy apropiada. Me podrian decir el nombre de la música.
    Gracias por el vídeo! !

  85. Dic.Cheung says:

    Hi,I am a student from China.I have seen the AMAZING VIDEO-‘World’s Toughest Job’ Interview.And I was shocked by the brilliant idea.Therefor I choose this as the topic of the term paper.But I can not know about the exact effect on your card store from this Internet marking,Can you help me please? I just need some sale date to fulfill my report. I hope I can hear you soon.Thank you!