8 ways to say thank you

Thank like you mean it! Emails and texts are nice, but these 8 ways to say thank you can go a lot farther.

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that we’ve done several posts this year focused on gratitude. (If you’re not… it’s okay, I’ll wait if you want to go take a look :)

Expressing gratitude can mean something different to everyone. For me, lately, it’s meant making an effort to say ‘thank you’ to people in a more meaningful way than just a quick email or text. I’ve been sending little notes to people who have done something that I want to recognize—whether it’s for something that just made me smile, or the amazing job another designer did bringing my vision to life on a project.

Since I know it’s not everyone’s thing to sit down and write a thank you note to every person that’s done something nice for them recently, I’ve collected these seven fun ways to say thank you. I hope they encourage people to do something when they next find themselves feeling grateful!


1. Personalized thank you cards

I may be totally biased, but I think our thank you cards are pretty great :) I order a bunch and have them on hand for whenever I might need them!


2. Thank you treat bags

Thank like you mean it! Emails and texts are nice, but these 8 ways to say thank you can go a lot farther.

Treat bags via Sally J Shim | Thank you tape via Moorea Seal

Fill glassine bags with candy or goodies, and then secure them with DIY ‘thank you’ sticker tags or this cute thank you tape!


3. justWink digital cards

These are DEFINITELY not your grandma’s cards… But they ARE witty, unique, a little weird, and amazingly funny! Perfect for sending a quick, memorable thank you.


4. Custom Jones soda labels

I’ve seen these as party favors at weddings and parties, but how awesome would it be to get your own custom six-pack of Jones soda as a thank you?


5. Thank You Ecards

Ecards are great way to send your gratitude and a little entertainment at the same time. (If you haven’t looked lately, ecards have become seriously amazing tiny movies.) Plus, any time I can make an animal talk, I think it’s a winner (why is that always hilarious?!).


6. Free printables

Sometimes you really want a physical card, but there’s no time to wait for one in the mail or stop at the store. How about one of these free printable thank you notes?


7. Homemade cookies

I find that food is always a great way to show someone you appreciate them, so why not cookies that send the message?


8. ThankList

Thank like you mean it! Emails and texts are nice, but these 8 ways to say thank you can go a lot farther in sharing your gratitude!

Create your own ThankList

It’s kind of like a bucket list, but for gratitude! Send a public thank you to the people who have made a difference in your life. (And check out this clip of Elizabeth Banks on The Tonight Show—I really love how she describes the whole idea behind ThankList!)


What do you do to express your gratitude?


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  1. Perfect ways for given thanks . Thank you so much .

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