The art of thoughtful gift-giving

The art of thoughtful gift-giving | Cardstore Blog

Feeling a little stumped looking at your Christmas gift list? Here’s expert Mindy Lockard, of The Gracious Girl, with a few tips to help you find a perfectly thoughtful gift for everyone on your list.

The season of gifting is upon us! You’ve started your list, right?

No, seriously. It is true that we’ve come to expect an increasingly long to-do list from the holiday season, and the steady time spent in checkout lines can get dreary in the season of lights, but can still make gift-giving personal. Actually, we should!

Throughout the season, we need to think of gift-giving as the physical exchange of an expression of internal love, affection and appreciation for the people in our lives. We donʼt have to lose the joy and turn it into an activity where all weʼre hoping for is to cross the finish line. Letʼs keep it about celebrating people and not simply crossing them off the list.

Here are a few of my favorite Ps for personalizing our holiday gifting.

Peace and Quiet

This can seem rather far-fetched in a season full of goodies to bake, friends to visit and shopping to be done. I can be tricky, but plan to steal a minute (or 60) to get mentally ready to give – even with those last minute gifts! Armed with paper and pen (or a handy gift-giving spreadsheet), a cup of hot tea, a warm fire, and holiday tunes, you can set the perfect stage to channel your inner giving spirit. With nothing but the sweet music of the season, we can reflect on the likes, interests and needs of each person on our list.

Personalize it!

Get creative. Sure, we have people on our list for whom we purchase big-ticket items. Those are always fun items to give. But letʼs not forget the power of small, thoughtful gifts. Some of lifeʼs best gifts come in small packages. And Iʼm not talking diamonds, as beautiful as they are. Iʼm referring to some simple pleasures in life that add joy and caring to a loved oneʼs day.

With some time set aside to reflect, we can remember that our best friendʼs feet are always cold and a wonderful pair of cozy slippers would make a great gift – or that our grandmotherʼs oven mitt was burned through at Thanksgiving. Sometimes all it takes is a jar of Papaʼs favorite spicy nuts, a retro milk glass for your sister’s collection, or one of the hand-dipped beeswax candles you know your mom loves.

Put it in Writing!

Donʼt forget to top off your gift with a personalized touch – in writing. Itʼs easy to write, “Merry Christmas, Grandma. From, Mary.” But your personalized card is an opportunity to share something about your gift and what makes it thoughtful. Of course, we donʼt want to give away what the gift is before itʼs given, but we can always set the stage with a little teaser:

Dear Samantha,

Wishing you Happy Holidays and warmth, from your head to your toes, in 2014! I canʼt wait to celebrate with you this year.



Dear Grandma,

Merry Christmas! For many years you’ve given me the most wonderful memories, and I canʼt eat a chocolate chip cookie without thinking about you and the many chats weʼve had, sipping tea and munching on your delicious goodies.

For all of the love you send from your kitchen, I want to make sure that you’re always covered.

Much love,

Try a clever saying that you know will make your loved one smile. Perhaps a note with a box of those favorite spicy nuts that says, “We’re nuts about you!” or “Tis the season to fudge a little. We wonʼt tell!” with your favorite homemade fudge.

The key to keeping our gifts personal is both the thoughtful choosing of the gift and the writing of the card. You can begin to craft your list and your notes when you start the season by finding some time for reflection and peace and quiet!

Wishing you a full and wonderful season of using the three Ps to be perfectly prepared when giving! Merry! Merry!

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