A one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving craft for kids!

A one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving craft for kids! | Cardstore Blog

We recently spent an afternoon at Jess’s house, taking photos of a few Thanksgiving goodies we’re sharing here on the blog this month. While Emily and Jessica took pictures of the tablescape for our Thanksgiving printables, I pulled Carter aside for a few tickle fights, somersaults, and whatever else kept him occupied and out of the photos :) After they were done taking pictures, I helped Carter create this cute little pot holder that Jessica and her husband can enjoy for years to come!

This Thanksgiving craft for kids is pretty quick and a lot of fun to do!

How to make this Thanksgiving craft for kids:


  • a light-colored oven mitt
  • fabric paint in multiple colors
  • a paper plate
  • fabric paint pens for writing  (found near the fabric paints)
  • small bristle or sponge brushes to paint little hands (optional)


Before you start, you’ll want your child to wear a shirt you’re OK with getting paint on. I also put a little of each of my paint colors on a paper plate to make painting faster.

A one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving craft for kids! | Cardstore Blog

Step 1: Apply Paint to Hand

Paint brown on the palm and thumb, for the head and body, and choose whatever colors you want for the feathers. I started painting Carter’s hand with a small sponge brush, but because he’s young (2 ½), I needed to move quicker to make sure he didn’t close his hand! I ended up just dipping my own fingers in the different colors to paint each of his fingers. If you have an older (and more patient) child, you could probably use brushes to avoid getting paint on your own hands.

A one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving craft for kids! | Cardstore Blog

Step 2: Making the Handprint Turkey

Making sure your child keeps their fingers spread wide, carefully place their hand on the oven mitt, and press down to create their handprint turkey. Carter was great with this, so we were able to make a pretty awesome one!

A one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving craft for kids! | Cardstore Blog

Step 3: Play!

This step is completely optional. Once Carter made a very successful handprint turkey, we let him go crazy on some paper because he loves to paint (and had been waiting all afternoon to do so!).

Step 4: Writing with Fabric Paint Pens

While Carter was busy playing with paint (and being supervised by mom), I wrote “Carter’s Helping Hand 2013,” and added a few details to his turkey, to complete the look. Make sure you let your oven mitt dry for at least 4 hours before using it (and check directions to see if you need to set the paint with heat before washing).

I’m really happy with how this craft came out, and know that Jessica is happy to have something to forever show how tiny Carter’s hands were in 2013!

A quick and fun hand turkey Thanksgiving craft for kids! | Cardstore Blog

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  1. keely says:

    Hi Gwen. I’m Carter’s Grandma “Neena” (Jessica’s mom). I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this post of my little guy and your awesome project! What a fun, easy craft for parents to share with their little ones and make a lasting memory at the same time. Such a great idea, I love it!!! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Gwen Bucknell says:

      Hi Keely, thank you so much for the comment! Carter was so much fun to work with on this, he’s such a sweet little guy :)

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