4 thoughtful ways to thank a veteran on Veteran’s Day

Happy Veteran's Day - 4 thoughtful ways to thank a veteran | Carstore Blog

Veteran’s Day (which is coming up on Monday) is a day to show our appreciation for the dedicated men and women who’ve served our country in its greatest times of need.

We talked to some of the veterans that we’re closest to, and they gave us a few great ideas on ways you can show your appreciation.

Say Thanks!

The simplest way to thank a veteran is to just say “thanks.” If you know a veteran, this one’s easy, but if you see someone out and about that’s in uniform – or even wearing a hat, jacket, button, or anything else that identifies them as a veteran – just walk up and give them a sincere “thank you.”

Make a Donation

If you’re looking for a veterans’ charity to donate to, Fisher House Foundation is a great place to start. They operate houses on the grounds of major military and VA medical centers where families of veterans can stay, allowing them to be close to their loved ones during hospitalization for a combat injury, illness or disease. You can learn more about Fisher House Foundation and make a donation here.


Outside of these things, in the true spirit of selflessness, most of the veterans we talked to said that the best way to honor them is to support the men and women who are currently serving.

Help Out on the Homefront

Even if someone’s halfway around the world, you can still affect their lives in a positive way. If you know someone who’s currently deployed, offer to help out their family that’s still in the area. A few hours of yard work, a home cooked meal, or a night of babysitting can go a long way.

Send Some Cookies!

Show your support with a little taste of home. Gwen’s mom volunteers to send baked goods to our military forces overseas, and she does it through an organization called Baking GALS. Sound like fun? Find out more here.

We hope you found these ideas helpful, and if you have any other suggestions, we’d love to hear them.

To any veterans who may happen to be reading this post, on behalf of the entire Cardstore team, we’d like to extend a very sincere and heartfelt “Thank You.”

Have a great Veteran’s Day.

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P.S. Special thanks to all the veterans who helped us put together this post!

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  1. Seriously? says:

    I usually like the cardstore blog posts- but this one is seriously playing it safe. Do you really think the most thoughtful way of thanking a veteran is by sending them cookies or just saying “thanks”?! Yikes! These men and women put their life on the line to protect our freedoms and everything this nation was founded on. This country needs to wake up and do more then bake a cookie. How about educating yourselves on what is really going on in this country and start making changes so our veterans can be proud of the men and women they are so selflessly protecting!

    • Mike Gali says:


      We’re really sorry that you felt that our post slighted the brave men and women who’ve served our country. That was definitely not what we wanted to do. We just wanted to suggest a few nice things that people could do, based off of the suggestions that some of our veteran friends provided to us.

      Thanks for your feedback.

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