Desktop Beautification Project – December 2015

Hi everyone, I’m Jamie Bartlett! Even though I live in Los Angeles, and winters here are a bit warmer (OK a lot warmer) than most of the rest of the country, the holiday season will always be the most wonderful time of year for me. There are so many things […] Read More »

Desktop beautification project – September 2015 {a free desktop wallpaper}

Download your free September 2015 wallpaper, and stop back on the first of every month to get your new, free background and iPhone wallpaper.

Hi all, Lisa Rae here! I’m so thrilled to be sharing my little slice of gold with you in this desktop-wallpaper! These past few months, I’ve been in love with desert sunsets and golden summer days—and that inspired me to create this background. (Watercolor, sunsets, and gold everything?! Yes, please!) I […] Read More »