St. Patrick’s Day treats {Friday finds}

Growing up, I loved St. Patrick’s Day because when we woke up in the morning, it was guaranteed my mom had turned anything and everything she could in the fridge green. It was magical, fun… and slightly gross looking ;)

Green milk, green orange juice (oh yes, it looked as gross as it sounds) and green oatmeal for breakfast. I loved looking at it, but I usually had to close my eyes to eat my oatmeal—there’s something about eating green oatmeal that’s just… weird.

So, in the same spirit as my mom, but a whole lot less weird-looking, here are some delicious-looking St. Patrick’s Day treats for you to share with your families and friends.



Festive St. Patrick’s Day treats (from top left):

Wishing you the luck o’ the Irish!


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  1. Diana Thompson says:

    Who won your Christmas card contest? I see you are hosting another contest. I missed the list of winners. Let me know where to look for it. Thankyou. I don’t think I will enter your current contest until I see who won the last one. It was great fun by the way.

  2. Those are very amazing . Thank you so much .

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