12 creative pregnancy announcement ideas

12 creative pregnancy announcement ideas

When my husband and I found out we were pregnant with my son, it was one of the most exciting moments of our lives. We couldn’t wait to share the news with our family, friends, and pretty much any other stranger that would listen.

However, I was only 4 weeks along, and we knew that we should wait a few more weeks just to be sure nothing went wrong. Let me just tell you, those were some of the longest weeks of my life!

That was almost 5 years ago… before it was super-popular to announce your pregnancy creatively. At least that would’ve given me something to focus on during the wait! I would’ve loved to be planning a creative photo shoot, ordering cute things on Etsy, and even plotting how to reveal the news to our parents.

Today, there are a seriously overwhelming number of fun pregnancy announcement ideas out there, and that’s why I rounded up 12 of my favorites in one place.

Hopefully this helps you find the perfect way to announce your big news!


1. Pregnancy Announcement Cards

6 creative pregnancy announcement ideasPregnancy announcement cards are one of the most popular ways to share your big news, especially if the list of people you want to share it with is a little on the longer side.

The people you’re close to will also have a keepsake that they can hold onto… both to hang on their fridge now, and put into a memory book later.

There are photo and non-photo options, but if you decide to go the photo route, check out these 6 creative pregnancy announcement photo ideas for inspiration!


2. Create custom wine labels

12 creative pregnancy announcement ideas - custom wine labels!

These custom wine labels are so clever! I didn’t even know this was a thing until we discovered that they also make them for asking your friends to be your bridesmaids.

It’s an especially great idea if you know you’re going to be with several of the people you want to tell, and you want to wrap something for them all to open at once. (And, let’s be honest, your friends probably won’t be complaining about getting a bottle of wine!)


3. Let the sibling make the announcement

12 creative pregnancy announcement ideas - only child expiring t-shirts (for kids AND pets)

How about letting the soon-to-be sibling announce the big news with an “Only Child Expiring” kids t-shirt? Or let your fur-baby announce the news with this “Only Child Expiring” pet bandana. There’s also a bit of info on a DIY version of these in the comments of this post.


4. Hide it in a fortune cookie

12 creative pregnancy announcement ideas - surprise fortune cookies

It may be just because I LOVE fortune cookies, but I think this is such a fun way to make a big announcement! Just like the wine labels, if you’re going to be with the people you’re making your announcement to, these would be exciting to have everyone crack open at once!

You can purchase premade “We’re Pregnant” fortune cookies, or, if you’d rather stuff your own, check out this article on how to replace fortune cookie messages. (And, if you’re feeling REALLY ambitious, you can even make your own fortune cookies from scratch.)


5. Serve up a spoonful of good news

The scenarios you could come up with to use these engraved spoons in your announcement are endless.

You could include them while hosting a dinner party… Take them along to a restaurant so they arrive with your table’s food or coffee… Or, you could serve tea or coffee with the spoon already hidden in it.

Get creative, and then sit back and wait for the reaction!


6. Send the new grandparent(s) a card

If you’re ready to share your news and a holiday is coming up, consider personalizing a card for the soon-to-be grandma or grandpa. Grandparents Day is an especially clever one if your parents or in-laws are becoming grandparents for the first time, but you could really use this same idea on any holiday for any recipient. Shop all holiday cards.


7. Eat, drink, surprise!

This is the same concept as the spoons in #5, but for grandparents (and even aunts and uncles)! Just make sure not to serve anything that’s a choking hazard in case they’re really caught off-guard :)


8. Set the table & let them connect the dots

12 creative pregnancy announcement ideas - DIY napkins

Ashley, of Hither & Tither, decided to share the news with her parents by setting the table with napkins that said Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa.

She explains how the surprise played out: “And then we asked them to find their place. I got such a kick out of watching how long it took my father to figure out the message. My mother, she got it right away. Dad looked from Grandpa to Dad and back again before looking at us and whispering with a shocked expression: ‘You’re pregnant?'”

How cute is that?! You can visit Ashley’s blog to read the full story and get more info on how she made the napkins.


9. Put it on a onesie

Holding a tiny onesie in your hands can definitely help cement the idea that there will be a baby arriving soon. So, why not give that same experience to the grandma/grandpa/aunt/uncle to-be by wrapping up one of these adorable onesies as a gift?

And, with all the clever shops on Etsy creating personalized onesies to help you spell out your news, there are dozens of ways you can say “there will be a human this size arriving very soon.”


10. Sound it out during family game night

12 creative pregnancy announcement ideas

This is SO CLEVER!

Courtney explains the entire story on her blog, but basically she put this fake card into the Mad Gab game for her mom to read aloud. It took her a few tries, but she finally figured out that “Might ought hers praying nut,” when said aloud, sounds something like “My daughter’s pregnant.”

I can only imagine the look on Courtney’s mom’s face when she finally figured it out! Talk about an exciting family game night :)

If you’re interested in trying this out, here’s a link to buy the Mad Gab game.


11. Put their new title on a shirt

I still remember exactly what it felt like when I found out I was going to be an aunt for the first time—I was so excited for my sister-in-law that she was expecting, and knowing I was going to be this baby’s aunt made me feel like I was suddenly more important than I’d been the day before.

This one’s for all the t-shirt-loving aunts and uncles out there that will be thrilled about the news as well!


12. Send it in a gift box

Just because your friends and family can’t join you in person to share the big news doesn’t mean you can’t do something just as creative for them!

I love these little gift boxes that use different clever ways to announce that a baby is on the way. These are just four of the many options available, but you can see them all in the The Party Posse Etsy Shop.


However you decide to announce that you’re expecting, the people around you are sure to be just as excited as you are to share in the big news.

Enjoy this very special time and have a happy & healthy pregnancy!


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