9 creative photo display ideas that will make your walls infinitely happier

I’m just going to admit it… I am guilty. Guilty of not displaying any of my photos. I have hundreds (probably even thousands) of photos floating around on my computer’s hard drive, but they make no appearance in my apartment.

Sure, I have artwork on some of my walls, but there are lots of bare spaces calling out for something to be displayed on them! If you’re like me, you snap photos all the time on your phone—which can seem insignificant on their own, but all together they can look pretty cool. I’ve also been dabbling with my dSLR, and have taken a few photos that I really love, and need to get them out on display!

I’ve been searching for fun and creative ways to display my photos, and I wanted to share them with you, and hopefully inspire you to get your own photos off your hard drive and onto your walls. Here are 9 creative photo display ideas, and the best part is, most don’t even require frames!

9. Feature a special event using a date

8. Clip boards as instant frames / 7. Bottle cap magnets

6. DIY photo coasters / 5.Tiny polaroid magnets 

4. Make an Instagram wall

3. Polaroid heart / 2. Clothespin Instagram photo display

1. Pant hanger display

Even though this display shows art in the hangers, it would work just as well for photos!

I can’t wait to start displaying my photos, and I hope these ideas inspire you to hang more of yours. If you have any other creative ways to display photos, we’d love to hear them!

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