4 helpful hints for finding the perfect Christmas gifts

4 helpful hints for finding the perfect Christmas gifts | Cardstore Blog

Right now, we’re sure you’re knee-deep in cross-referencing your holiday shopping list with all of the Black Friday sales, but there’s always someone—a minimalist BFF or a mother-in-law who has everything—left on your list with a big old question mark next to their name. Why, oh why, is it so hard to find perfect Christmas gifts that feel equal parts thoughtful, useful, and lovely?

We’ve totally been there before, so we’d love to lend a hand and suggest some creative places to look for Christmas gift ideas.

1. Become the Nancy Drew of gifting

Pinterest boards, Instagram feeds, and Amazon wish lists are great places to start. They may have left some clues earlier in the year when there was no holiday pressure on them to say what they really want. See? Easy.

2. Gift unto others what they have gifted unto you

A lot of times, you can figure out the type of gift a person would like to receive by thinking of what they tend to give. For example, if your mom’s given you an alarm clock for the past 10 years, take the hint that she’s a fan of utilitarian gifts. In return, she may appreciate something like an emergency kit for her car. If she’s always supplying you with cozy things like sweaters and socks, maybe she’d like a new robe.

3. Not things, but experiences

Remember that minimalist BFF we mentioned earlier? When it comes to someone who’s allergic to clutter, consider a gift that won’t require dusting. Cooking, dance, or crafting classes are always super-fun, but a free night of babysitting (and maybe even a gift card for dinner, if your budget allows) would be a pretty great gift for someone with kids.

4. Use words

Sometimes you’ll be all set with a gift that you know someone needs, but doesn’t quite say how you feel about them. When this happens, take a minute to sit down and write them a heartfelt message. Tell them how important they are to you, the qualities you respect in them, and just how much you love them!

Feeling gifty yet? We hope these tips help bring out your inner Santa and add a little more thoughtfulness and fun to your holiday gift-giving.

Have any more ideas? Drop us a line!

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