A stress-free party planning checklist (and a free printable!)


Download and print a super-helpful party planning checklist | #partyplanning #freeprintable

PHEW! Carter’s 3rd birthday party was last weekend, and WOW is there a lot of stuff to remember when you’re planning a party!

Download and print a super-helpful party planning checklist | #partyplanning #freeprintable

My pre-checklist scribbles!

I wasn’t big on hosting parties before Carter was born, so I’m pretty new to this. But even so, being my 3rd time around on this kid’s-birthday-party thing, it’s about time I came up with a checklist to help me keep everything straight. Especially because I’m a die-hard fan of spreadsheets & lists!

Lucky for me, our resident party planner, Elizabeth, was gracious enough to help me come up with a party planning checklist with everything I needed to do before the party. And lucky for you,  she offered to let me share it with all of you as a free printable!


Download and print a super-helpful party planning checklist | #partyplanning #freeprintable

Let me just tell you how crucial this checklist was as I was trying to keep track of all my to-dos! Not only did I actually remember  to do all the little things I normally forget, but I didn’t even wait until the last minute. Serious growth!

And, for once, all that energy I normally spend on stress, I could put toward enjoying Carter’s party. Because after all, your first-born only turns 3 once!

Download your free printable party planning checklist, and then check out Elizabeth’s 6 super-helpful party planning tips to get you off & running.

Happy stress-free party planning!


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  1. mary says:

    very nice site….easy to use and useful information

  2. Darling, this is clutch! I have four birthday parties that I need to plan (My son’s 6th, my husband’s 30th, my youngest’s 1st, and my eldest daughter’s 3rd…with my birthday somewhere in the middle of all of these dates) within the next month. Although I am a little behind, according to the list, at least I can see exactly what I need to do. Thank you Jessica. I shall place this party planning checklist on my blog’s links post (Sunday Afternoon Tea) in September.

  3. Thanks for the checklist.I downloaded it.These days,I am planning my son’s 2nd Birthday and this checklist is really helpful…

  4. Really i’m glad to see those .

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