A stress-free party planning checklist (and a free printable!)


Download and print a super-helpful party planning checklist | #partyplanning #freeprintable

PHEW! Carter’s 3rd birthday party was last weekend, and WOW is there a lot of stuff to remember when you’re planning a party!

Download and print a super-helpful party planning checklist | #partyplanning #freeprintable

My pre-checklist scribbles!

I wasn’t big on hosting parties before Carter was born, so I’m pretty new to this. But even so, being my 3rd time around on this kid’s-birthday-party thing, it’s about time I came up with a checklist to help me keep everything straight. Especially because I’m a die-hard fan of spreadsheets & lists!

Lucky for me, our resident party planner, Elizabeth, was gracious enough to help me come up with a party planning checklist with everything I needed to do before the party. And lucky for you,  she offered to let me share it with all of you as a free printable!


Download and print a super-helpful party planning checklist | #partyplanning #freeprintable

Let me just tell you how crucial this checklist was as I was trying to keep track of all my to-dos! Not only did I actually remember  to do all the little things I normally forget, but I didn’t even wait until the last minute. Serious growth!

And, for once, all that energy I normally spend on stress, I could put toward enjoying Carter’s party. Because after all, your first-born only turns 3 once!

Download your free printable party planning checklist, and then check out Elizabeth’s 6 super-helpful party planning tips to get you off & running.

Happy stress-free party planning!


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