5 things every new mom needs – tried and true items from real-life moms

5 things every new mom needs - tried & true items from real-life moms | Cardstore Blog

A couple months ago, I started sharing our favorite baby items to help moms-to-be as they register and make room for their little ones. We’ve seen some of our favorite baby essentials and baby gear, and now we’ve come to the last part of our series.

The last two posts helped you take care of baby’s needs, but new baby = new mom, which means you’re  going to need some stuff, too! So lastly, here are some things for you  (get used to it!). Below are our 5 favorite “Mom” picks.5 things every new mom needs - tried and true items from real-life moms | Cardstore Blog

1. Nursing Tanks
Once you try to pull one of your bra straps down your arm while  you have a shirt on (and  not flash anyone), you’ll understand why having a nursing tank makes life so much easier. If you plan on trying to nurse, I recommend having 1 or 2 nursing tanks packed away in your hospital bag. You can thank me later :)

2. Happiest Baby on the Block DVD
This was recommended by several moms here, and I actually paid for overnight shipping on mine (yes, we were desperate!). The swaddle technique alone made it worth every penny.

3. Boppy Bare Naked Pillow
Talk about love! My Boppy pillow made nursing so much easier, especially after recovering from a c-section. Even after I healed, I loved the extra support it gave me when feeding, and it also makes the best “baby-propper-upper” so your baby can sit up with a little extra help.

4. Amazon Mom
Diapers, wipes and other baby essentials delivered to my door? Yes, please! Coupled with their Subscribe & Save plan, you’re looking at a 20% savings. There’s even a free 3-month trial period for new customers, so you can test it out. (FYI, it will  convert to a paid Amazon Prime membership after the trial.)

5. iPad
Seriously! Once kids get older, it gives a mom a few minutes of peace, with the exception of the noise coming from the iPad :) There are tons of educational apps available, and some genius companies have even created protective sleeves with your little one in mind.


A couple final thoughts:

Save some of your shower money and gift cards!
If you’re like me, you’ll be totally pumped to take the gift cards you received at your shower and buy everything left on your registry. Whoa! Slow down a minute… Once your little one is here, see what you’re using (return what you’re not—store credit is a beautiful thing…) and realize that they’re going to keep  needing stuff you don’t have yet. When my son was born, we were definitely “set” for about the first year, thanks to our purchases and gifts from family and friends… but then we were on our own! If you can, hold back on using some of those gift cards for the things they’ll need as they grow. Trust me. Case in point? See next item…

Your baby is going to need ANOTHER car seat!
It took my husband and I countless hours on the internet and 3 separate trips to the baby store to pick out his first car seat. Once we had it picked out, we felt as if we’d conquered the world. Whew! Bring on the baby!  We made a great choice and loved our infant car seat, but totally forgot that he wouldn’t stay in it forever. So, about a year later, it was lather, rinse, repeat. But this time we needed 3 of them—one for each of our vehicles, and one for Gram, too! Oops… See what I mean about the gift cards?


It’s been a lot of fun for us to share some of our favorite things with you, and we hope it’s been helpful. As always, if you’ve got some ideas you’d like to share, we’re all ears!

At the end of the day, a well-loved baby is a happy baby, no matter what you buy. So, have fun with your new little one(s), and enjoy every moment you get to spend with them.



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  1. Melissa says:

    Definitely a must-have round-up! I’ve saved hundreds of bucks by joining the Amazon Mom plan. Thank you for sharing!

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