New Year’s Resolution: Never Forget a Birthday

New Years Resolution: Never forget a birthday | Cardstore Blog

We’ve all been there – either you remember someone’s birthday a day or two late, or you think of it a week early and forget about it anyway… Sure, it’s the thought that counts, but why not make 2014 the year you never forget a birthday?

Here are some quick and easy tips to help you celebrate all those important birthdays coming up this year! (Sorry to anyone born in the first week of January before we posted this…)

1. Make a list

First things first – take a minute to sit down and make a quick list of all the people who are closest to you. Facebook is a great place to start, since a lot of birthdays are already listed for you, and while it’s totally fair that you don’t remember ALL your friends’ birthdays (guilty as charged) this keeps you from having to admit it directly to them ;) Once you’ve got your short-list of people whose birthdays you absolutely need to celebrate, you can set up reminders for yourself. For example, will you need time to find a gift? Should you leave time to mail a card? …and that brings us to tip #2…

2. Use your devices

If you have a calendar on your smartphone or computer, set a reminder for 7 days in advance of each birthday. That’ll give you time to find the perfect gift or card and then mail/ship it, if the birthday person doesn’t live nearby. (You can make them even earlier, if you think you’ll need extra gift-finding or shipping time, but make sure you don’t make it so early that you might forget again – because that’s totally what I would do). If you set your reminders to occur annually, you’ll only have to set them up once.

3. Get a real calendar!

Looking for an excuse to hang pictures of horses or cute puppies next to your desk at work? Now you’ve got one. Good old-fashioned printed calendars may have lost some popularity in favor of their digital counterparts, but they’re still pretty useful – not to mention fun to look at, and super-cheap this time of year (or totally free with a quick Pinterest search for “2014 free printable calendar”)!

4. Let Cardstore remember for you

Does Facebook keep sending you a million birthday reminders for people you haven’t actually spoken a word to in over 10 years? Cardstore can help clear up some of the reminder clutter. Just set up a contact list (super easy), add any birthdays you want to be reminded of (even easier), and you’ll get a monthly email letting you know whose birthdays are coming up.

5. Take care of it now!

Regardless of when someone’s birthday happens to be, you can visit Cardstore anytime, create your card, and have it scheduled for mailing up to a year in advance. That means, if you’re feeling especially motivated for 2014, you can take care of every single one of this year’s birthday cards in one fell swoop. (Ok, so maybe that’s an abnormal amount of motivation, but sending a big batch every few months can make things a lot easier on you!) And don’t worry about having to pay for them all at once – Cardstore will only charge you as each card is printed and sent.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, have fun with it. Celebrating friends is a labor of love, and here at Cardstore, it’s one of our favorites.

Here’s to not forgetting birthdays year!

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