{meet & greet} Gwen, Designer

Meet the Cardstore Team | Gwen, Designer

What’s your job at Cardstore?
My actual title is “line designer.” That can mean a lot of different things on our team, but mostly it means that I get to create the look of the cards. To do this, I create the art myself, find it in the American Greetings art bank (we have some crazy talented people here!), or send it to a freelancer to create the desired look.  I also like to think of myself as an innovator – I’m always trying to think of a new ways to incorporate photos into our cards.

Meet the Cardstore Team | Gwen, Designer

Practicing my lettering for a friend’s baby announcements / 2 of my favorite things –
our cat (Reese) and ampersands / The colors you’ll most often find on my nails. I love brights!

Tell us 5 quick things about yourself:
I am independent, creative, a fancy drink enthusiast, have an eye for detail, and I’m a problem-solving banshee (this description came courtesy of one of my close friends).

Is your name really Gwendolyn or Gwyneth?
No abbreviations needed here! My parents had my name picked out for a long time and waited for me through 4 boys before they finally got to use it. There’s no special story behind it, they just really liked the name.

What keeps you inspired?
I’ve actually always found this question hard because I get inspiration from so many different places! I like to make things, and if I can make something by hand, instead of buying it, I almost always will. I spent a whole day painting bright yellow stripes on my living room curtains instead of just spending a little extra money on ones that could have worked. They had to be just right!

Meet the Cardstore Team | Gwen, Designer

These 3 make me so happy!

Traveling is another way I like to stay inspired. Even if it’s just a weekend with my 3 little nephews (also my favorite way to destress, their smiling faces can make me forget any worry!). When traveling to new cities I like to look at store fronts, decorations and signage to find interesting color combinations, lettering and anything else that might inspire a card design.

Meet the Cardstore Team | Gwen, Designer

A few of the places I’ve been in the past year –
San Francisco, San Diego and New York City

I also like to stay inspired by working on my craft. In the past few years I’ve discovered I have a love of creating hand lettering. I’m still just dabbling and trying different styles, but I love to practice and continue to develop my skills.

What’s your favorite color?
I love bright and cheery colors in general, but cerulean is by far my favorite! People almost always have no idea what cerulean is when I tell them it’s my favorite (it’s a shade of blue). I remember finding it in a box of crayons as a kid and being completely enamored by it. I’ve always loved it because it makes me think of beautiful, crystal clear ocean water. I also love shiny, glittery colors and objects. They all make me happy!

How do you stay focused?
I can’t work (like work work) without a soundtrack in the background. Music is always playing while I’m sitting at the computer designing, but it’s also on when I’m cleaning, cooking, getting ready, or driving… Basically, I like to do most things with music playing.

What’s your favorite food?
Ice cream, without a doubt! I can’t ever say no to it, even if I’m totally stuffed. I remember, as a kid, telling my mom that I couldn’t finish my vegetables (the rule for getting dessert) because I had no room, but I that I had a separate little stomach just for ice cream. There was always room for ice cream!

What do you do outside of work?
Daydreaming…Lots of daydreaming. My boyfriend, Adam, and I love to talk about the super-awesome garden we’ll have someday when we’re not in a rental, and about the traveling we’ll do when he’s done with school.

Meet the Cardstore Team | Gwen, Designer

Our 7-year-old cat (who still acts like a kitten) / Me, enjoying a fancy cocktail /
Our newest furry addition, Marlowe

When I’m not listening to music and working on designs (and sometimes while I’m doing both of those things), you can find me sipping on a glass of white wine, a nice cold wheat beer, or a fancy mixed drink. I love spending time with my crazy cat, Reese, and our newly adopted kitty, Marlowe. You might also find me jotting down ideas and making to-do lists, or figuring out how to multi-task a workout with relaxing in front of the TV. That may sound like an oxymoron, but there’s something about feeling like I can shut off my brain, but still work my body, that makes me feel super-accomplished at the end of the day!

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